Mona Lisa Eclipsing

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Mona Lisa Eclipsing

A Novel of the Monere

Mona Lisa Eclipsing is the seventh installment of the Monere series. This series was my first introduction into the world of romance/paranormal/urban fantasy reading. I am an avid fan of Sunny and her writings and eagerly await each new story in this series as well as her Demon Princess Chronicles.

I have to say, however, this seemed to be one of the oddest installments I've read yet in this series. For me, this book read like a compilation of three short stories put into one book. I would dub it the "transition" book, as it seems that Mona Lisa and her Territory is about to change in many ways that will make this series go into a new direction. Change is good and exciting; I am hoping this change will keep this series invigorating and fresh as each book has been up to this point.

Mona Lisa is mixed blood Monere Queen. Just a few months ago she went from being a plain Jane to stepping into her world, and role, as royalty among her people. She is new and fresh in the Monere world, and her approach is unlike most Queens of her people. Her way of ruling her people is from a perspective of respect and morality, which creates a huge stir and controversy among other Queens and insures Mona Lisa enemies very quickly. Nonetheless, she perseveres and because of this she has found favor from the Queen Mother, queen of all queens and the oldest Monere alive. Not only does the Queen Mother favor her, but she also wants Mona Lisa to take her position after she dies.

The beginning of this story starts out with Mona Lisa venturing to Cozumel, Mexico to find her beloved and cursed lover, Dante, and to bring him back home to the Territory. Upon arrival, Mona Lisa and her small group of protectors are attacked by other Moneres and their gang leader/drug lord, Roberto. Mona Lisa suffers a head injury that leaves her with amnesia; the only thing she remembers is her life before she learned of her Monere heritage. Roberto takes the opportunity to play rescuer and seducer to Mona Lisa which in turn makes her thwart any rescue attempts from her faithful warriors.

Eventually, Mona Lisa learns that Roberto is not the knight in shining armor that he plays off to be and realizes her warriors are actually there to help her, not harm her. She makes her escape, though still suffering amnesia, and eventually finds her beloved Dante. After another adventurous capture and escape, Mona Lisa and Dante and the warriors make it back to the Territory in Louisiana.

The next part of the book is about Mona Lisa recovering her memories of who she is, who each character is in this story and their connection to her (and there are many characters in this series), and what her life consists of at the present moment. This part of the book is what I would call a review of the six previous stories that catch the reader up to the present in case we have forgotten parts along the way. In all actuality, this was extremely helpful for me being as the last installment I read was two years ago. There was plenty I needed to catch up on and as I was reading it there were many moments of "Oh yeah, now I remember!"

The last part of this book is the part I feel is transitioning this whole series. A rogue Monere has been discovered by the human public when he rescues his companion from a burning building. Since the Monere are not human they have special attributes. In Jarvis's case, he has the ability to use wings and fly. When reporters were called to the scene of the fire, Jarvis's ability to fly was captured on tape. The Queen Mother wants to discuss with Mona Lisa as to what to do with this rogue Monere being as he has now put the entire Monere race in danger of being discovered. For thousands of years the Monere have lived on Earth with humans without them ever knowing of their existence. Now Mona Lisa is put in the position of deciding on the fate of Jarvis and his companion and/or the fate of the entire Monere race. Mona Lisa decides to save Jarvis and his companion from death and further goes on to bring the Monere race into the public eye. She decides to go public so as to explain who and what Jarvis is as well as to stop hiding from humans and to live openly in the public.

How will humans react to Moneres and their inhuman abilities? Will they be accepted? Will humans turn on them and try to attack them? What about other Moneres and the Queens? Will they ally with Mona Lisa or will they try to find ways to destroy her for choosing to expose their race?

This is basically where the story left off. I can't say that I enjoyed this book as much I enjoyed the others, but I can say I appreciate this story and its potential it had for future books. Sunny is a fantastic author with ability to draw a reader in and to follow her ideas with ease and understanding. Her ability to weave sensuality and erotic scenes into her stories are with class and excitement. Without a doubt, I am eager for the next installment of this series and cannot wait to read what happens next!

Book Blurb for Mona Lisa Eclipsing

The national bestselling author returns with a new passionate, erotically charged paranormal novel.

Roberto, a jaguar-shifter of mixed Monère heritage, arrives in Cozumel to kill a rival. But he finds a more valuable prize in Mona Lisa, a Monère who's lost her memory and can be manipulated into believing anything-no matter how dark or dangerous.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.75