Mounted Release

Oh, Canada!

Sheridan Stevens is on the run to save her life. She had fled her clan to escape the clutches of a sadistic man meant to be her mate after witnessing him murdering her family. So run she does. She runs right into a snowstorm, only to be rescued by a highly unlikely rescuer, Constable Gordon Thomas of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I say unlikely as he is a loner, having left his own clan years before over a mistaken belief. During the rescue of Sheridan, Gordon realizes something is just a little off about her, and the fireworks begin. Can Gordon save Sheridan from the man hunting her and still save himself as well? Read on, dear readers, read on.

The novel is a good length, not too long, not to short, and scorching hot. The characters are very well developed, and this could easily be developed into a longer story or even a series. Romance fans everywhere will adore this novel. I certainly did.

Book Blurb for Mounted Release

Gordon Thomas isn’t just an ordinary constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he’s also a bit of a bear—literally. He’s been on his own for so long he’s shocked when he discovers another Mukswa in his territory, and a female at that. The woman brings out the true beast in him, one which he's been controlling for far too long.

Sheridan Stevens is on the run. When she crashes on an isolated road, her savior is the only male of her kind within one hundred kilometres. He’s kind, gorgeous and stirs her desire to a burning crescendo.

A snowstorm causes them to seek shelter. As the mercury drops outside, the temperature inside is rising. Neither Gordon nor Sheridan can contain the primal lust singing in their blood. But even as their passion burns brighter than the northern lights, Sheridan’s predator stalks them…ready to make his kill.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50