Soul Hunger

Book one in the Ra's Chosen series.

Mehen is the leader of Ra's Chosen warriors. A group of men that were chosen by the sun god Ra to protect mortals from the evil undead that is stalking them.
Blythe is a woman that is struggling to make it on her own. After surviving an ugly divorce and struggling to pay her bills she is trapped one night in a dark alley only to be saved by Mehen.
The connection between the two of them is stronger than anything either has known before. Will he be able to keep her safe and protected and all for himself?
I could stop reading this book. What an amazing ride! I loved the action and the suspense. The heat between Mehen and Blythe is enough to make me envious. The idea behind the books is so genius, that I'm surprised no one else hasn't thought of writing a book like this before.
I love the other members of Ra's Chosen warriors but personally, I am totally and utterly in love with Takan and would like to know what I can do to become his mate!
Marisa Chenery is now officially on my list of favorite authors. And I will be rushing out to by copies of the this book and the rest in the series the moment they are released.

Book Blurb for Soul Hunger

As one of Ra’s Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them. Gifted by the sun god Ra, Mehen has never struggled with the task—until he saves a woman from three undead, and finds himself in need of saving. Something about the woman stirs him, and he’s consumed by his need not only for her body, but also her blood.

Blythe may have been saved by the mysterious man, but her reaction to the feel of his arms around her and the way his eyes wander to her neck don’t make her feel much safer. When she’s taken to his headquarters against her will, she finds herself a prisoner. But when he unleashes passion unlike any she’s ever known, she realizes she’ll do anything to stay imprisoned.

But Blythe is not who she seems. And Mehen finds himself in the fight of his life to save the woman he loves from the evil that yearns to possess her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00