Adarkan's Salvation

In Becca Dale’s latest release, Adarkan’s Salvation, the earth as we know it has changed dramatically. A new type of human, a Talon, has emerged out of the last of earth’s great wars, nuclear fallout and global warming. Fear and prejudice have erupted since they emerged, creating more wars. King of the talons decided to take a human princess as a mate in order to put an end to the wars, by creating a child, which is half-human and half-talon. Adarkan is that child, who her father thinks is a boy. Gralak, beta to the king, is sent to bring the king’s nineteen-year-old son home, not knowing that the son is actually a daughter, whom he slept with the night before in the woods. When the deception is revealed, it throws the kings plans into turmoil, and they must all find a way to deal with the truth. Gralak and Adarkan fall in love and are mates, but in order for Adarkan to do what she was born to do, she has to be impartial. But what she wants is to do her job and have her mate. Becca Dale writes an engaging story of love, sacifice, and hope. She blends science fiction and romance seamlessly with love scenes that spice things up just the right touch.

Book Blurb for Adarkan's Salvation

Since the last of the great wars, nuclear fallout and global warming have bred fear and suspicion among earth's inhabitants, but they have also bred a new kind of human, which has the rest of the species terrified of annihilation.

Prejudice, fear and hatred have ruled Adarkan's entire life. They are the reason for her birth and overcoming them is her destiny. She does not have time for love or lust, but when her father's arrogant Beta opens the door to passion, he teaches her the value of a stolen moment and destroys her objectivity. How can she convince both talon and humans to see her as a neutral party in the battle for peace when her body, mind, and heart cry for her talon mate?

As a warrior, Gralak understands the importance of duty and dedication to a cause. As second in command, he trains soldiers to focus on their obligations above all else. These rules guide his life until he meets a lone female who teases his mind and body and makes him questions his dedication to anything except her. Can he protect his love from physical danger and a life of loneliness, or will his own aspirations to become Alpha damn him to an equally cheerless fate?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.50