A Little Taste of Red

Beth Wylde’s latest release, A Little Taste of Red, is a wonderfully written retake on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. This is one of my favorite retakes on this classic childhood tale in a steamy adults only story.
In this version, Tinsel Redleigh Sawyers, whom friends and family calls Red, is awakened by a phone call from the hospital where her grandmother is at, and she rushes to get to her. Then her best friend calls because she needs Red’s help, and as Red hurries to get to the hospital, she ends up in an accident. Lance is a werewolf, who is out hunting in the woods with his nephew, when he scents Red’s accident he goes to help her. He realizes that she’s so severely injured that she might survive and that is just not acceptable because she’s his mate. When he takes her to his family’s home to treat he injuries, he’s told that the only way to save her leg is amputation or turn her into a werewolf and complete the mate bond. Lance is afraid that she won’t accept him being a werewolf and he is surprised when she completely accepts him and agrees to be turned. But someone doesn’t want there to be a happily ever after…

Book Blurb for A Little Taste of Red

When Tinsel Redleigh Sawyers, affectionately nicknamed Red, finds out her grandmother is seriously ill she immediately drops everything and rushes to the hospital. En route her best friend calls from college in the midst of a major social crisis. Katie is having boy trouble again and she's frantic over being left dateless so close to her sorority's yearly charity event. Tinsel promises to come to her aid once she makes sure her grandmother is going to be okay. She never makes it to either destination though because an unexpected car accident leaves her badly injured. With no hope of rescue in sight Tinsel is convinced she's going to die until a handsome stranger comes along to save her.

Lance Waverly is out on a hunting expedition with his young nephew when he detects the smell of smoke and blood in the air. What he finds is totally unexpected. A young woman has been thrown from her vehicle and is seriously hurt. She's human but Lance's body doesn't care about that. Her scent is intoxicating and one sniff stirs Lance's most animalistic senses to life. She's elated over his rescue but Lance knows immediately that they are headed for dangerous territory. He's not only a werewolf, but a young, unmated one in his prime and on the lookout for a woman to call his own. He's afraid he may have just found his missing mate in Tinsel. Sparks fly between Lance and Tinsel but the romance is short lived when a crazy hunter tracks Lance and his brother down and tries to kill the entire family. Lance must protect them all but there is only one way to save Tinsel. He must change her into a werewolf. By Den law he has to get her permission before biting her. Will Tinsel accept his offer or run to the hunter for protection?


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00