End Run

Necessary Roughness, Book Two

End Run part of the Necessary Roughness series by Ann Jacobs was a very rough read for me.

I have read many of Ms. Jacobs’s books but this one just didn’t cut it for me.

Jack Winters wakes up in a bed that is not his own and the person lying next to him is not his girlfriend Tawny but the guy down the hall in his dorm. When he realizes what he’s done Jack rushes to Tawny’s off campus apartment and proposes to her. He needs Tawny to help keep his libido in check. He doesn’t want to screw up his chances with the NFL.

After hearing Jacks confession about sleeping with another man and knowing about all the other women Jack has slept with she not only agrees to marry Jack but to become his Domme as well.
Tawny keeps Jack locked up in a chastity belt only letting him out to play when she says so.

Jack ends up signing with the Rebels. The Rebels is an NFL team with their own BDSM club, Rebels Roost, for team members only. Here Jack and Tawny meet a man they met a few years ago.
Ty Dailey knows if he screws up in any way it will be the end of his NFL career. Maybe Jack and Tawny will be willing to help him?

I mean come on gay, bi or straight man up! And after knowing all the people he’s screwed with your still going to marry him. Do you really need to keep your man’s cock caged so he won’t cheat on you. Get a back bone and grow up yourself. 

Book Blurb for End Run

Jack has a problem. He just awoke after a night of wild sex…with a man. His libido is on the rampage and threatens his dream of an NFL career. Desperate for a solution, he turns to Tawny, the love of his life, and asks her to become his wife and his Mistress—to curb and control his overactive sex drive.Though leery of the BDSM scene, Tawny agrees. Jack will become her sex slave and she’ll keep him in chastity, his cock caged and totally hers to command. They relish their new roles. Jack’s NFL career leads them to Rebels’ Roost, a safe place where they can play out any BDSM fantasy they want and safely satisfy Jack’s bisexual desires. They plan to introduce a permanent third into their sex games. But, does Jack still want that, or is Tawny’s love all he really needs?Publisher’s note: this story contains an intensely sexual M/M/F ménage scene and a hot, loving M/M scene.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 2.00