Tempt Me

Operation, #2

To help keep her library open librarian Cambrie must find a way to win a grant from the Veterans Affairs Department. With the help of her friends Emma and Finn she and Lt. Miller are brought together. The two begin a pen pal relationship that turns into much more but even as the two find themselves burning up the Internet they both long for more. Will they each be able to give up the life that is so important to them or will they only enjoy stolen moments of bliss? Is it all more important than love or will they find that happy ever after that they deserve?

I lost myself in Cambrie and Miller’s story right from the start. Cambrie is a great woman. She is a strong and smart woman who finally lets her guard down and enjoys herself. Miller is a great man. He may come off as gruff and unapproachable but we see what a big heart he has when he opens up to Cambrie. When the two connect the sparks begin and as the story progresses those sparks turn into a fire that almost burns out of control. The emotions between the two are so strong that they are almost a tangible thing. I enjoyed watching Cambrie open up and grow with the help of Miller. Seeing the relationship build between the two was a wonderful read. Making this story not only a hot read but also a beautiful romance as well. This is the second book in this series and I am really enjoying it. I hope that we get to see more stories about these wonderful military men.

Book Blurb for Tempt Me

Librarian Cambrie Brasher has been given an ultimatum-win the grant for the library or lose her job. To accomplish the task, Cambrie needs a man. Not just any man, a military man willing to be her pen pal. Thanks to an old friend, Cambrie connects with Miller Daly, a sexy Navy SEAL who ignites her sensual side and promises to make her hottest dreams a reality. Lieutenant Miller Daly has been haunted by dreams of a woman he's never met. Thanks to the machinations of his former commander, he's saddled with some frumpy librarian who wants to be his cyber pal. What he really needs is a cyber siren TO take his mind OFF his mission and give him the opportunity to play out some of his most erotic fantasies. Cambrie is no frump and she shares Miller's interest in a hot affair. Unfortunately, he's always in another corner of the world and Cambrie is devoted to the frail aunt who raised her. They must steal every steamy moment together, but how long can the fires of their passion sustain them?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50