Darkness Shifting

Libby runs off to a remote cabin, meets a man with a name as unusual as his looks and a wolf by his side and when danger comes calling, it will take all three of them to escape Libby’s deadly past in this mesmerizing paranormal romance.

Libby can’t deny the immediate connection she feels toward Bodhi but is unsure that she can trust herself to make the right decision and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the passion that erupts between Bodhi and Libby despite her hesitation. Things get infinitely hotter when Ross joins in the scorching hot sex which singes readers with m/f/m and m/m action while the fast paced plot keeps readers burning with passion and excitement and the compelling characters draw readers in and are easily understood.

Suspense and danger builds lots of tension throughout the story as Libby’s past comes calling and secrets are revealed while some emotional issues has Libby keeping one foot out the door. The scenes and details capture the imagination while the intriguing events ensure that the reader wants to know the whole story.

The author created a little different werewolf story that is full of passion and makes for a great quick and enjoyable read and I will be looking out for more stories by Iris Astres.

Book Blurb for Darkness Shifting

To find her way back to the light, she’ll have to follow the howl…

When her disturbed, drug-addicted husband drops her off a balcony, nearly killing her, Libby has had enough. It’s time to reclaim her life, starting by running away to a cabin at the foot of the Cascade Mountains.

There she finds welcome solitude—until a dead car battery leaves her stranded and alone on a frigid night. Her rescuer is a man with a name as unusual as his looks, and a white wolf at his side.

Equally isolated, but for very different reasons, Bodhi is drawn to Libby’s fragile, wounded spirit. Their erotic connection is strong from the start, but helping her risks exposing the secrets of his wolf companion, Stavros, to an unforgiving world.

Libby’s refuge doesn’t last long. When danger comes hard and fast in the form of a husband determined to drag her back into his nightmare, the three of them must trust each other—with all their secrets—to escape the past’s long, deadly reach.

Warning: This book includes a violent ex-husband, a white wolf, two sexy heroes, a marathon threesome, and a heroine discovering her voyeuristic side.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 3.50