Caught in Darkness

Night Shadows, 1

Veronica Wyndham unintentionally helps Seth Hunter in exposing traitors but now she’s been drawn into the world of vampires and caught in darkness in this riveting paranormal romance.

Veronica inadvertently overhears some startling information that makes her the target of an enraged vampire and Seth tries to keep an eye on her and protect her while at the same time keep his distance and the reader can’t help but be drawn into the darkness with these compelling characters as their worlds collide in some unexpected ways. Their attraction for each other is obviously strong from the very beginning which leads to some steamy encounters although Seth knows that a relationship would not be a good idea and the steady to fast paced plot keeps readers on their toes with suspense, excitement and romance.

Excitement and anticipation builds throughout the story as the danger to Veronica escalates and some unexpected twists surprises the readers as well as the characters and adds to the excitement with some thrilling action scenes with another enemy alters Veronica’s world even more. Well orchestrated events draw the readers in while the scenes and details capture the imagination making it easy for the reader to picture every scene as it happens.

The world is full of intriguing characters and interesting and different elements that adds spice to the story and makes it a little different from other vampire stories and the author has caught my interest but I wasn’t too happy with Veronica’s character. I just can’t make up my mind whether I like her not and of course that’s totally on me so I will have to read the next Night Shadows book to see how things go…I’m kind of hoping its Jasen’s story.

Book Blurb for Caught in Darkness

Veronica Wyndham had no idea that vampires were real, let alone that her new favorite customer—Tall Dark and Handsome—just so happened to be one. And she never imagined she’d overhear a robbery plan with murderous potential while eating lunch in the park. Making those kinds of enemies just wasn’t a good way to spend a day.

Seth Hunter knew he should have been grateful for Veronica’s unintentional help in exposing the traitors, but all he could worry about was how much danger she’d just landed in. Instinct had him taking it upon himself to keep a protective eye on her, but even then he had to keep his distance. If she found out the truth about the world around her, she would surely get Caught in Darkness.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.50