Twice as Hard

"Twice as Hard" starts off erotically enticing and then quickly jumps to scorching hot. The D/s elements are skillfully inserted into the story and the characters are incredibly appealing. The tale is told from the first person viewpoint of each of the characters and is well done. If this review seems short on details; it's because it is. Anything other than saying how much I enjoyed the story and how really steamy the sex is would ruin the book. Gut wrenching emotional encounters and nicely written BDSM ménage scenes are the hallmarks of this one. My only wish is for more backstory. I could have easily enjoyed a story twice as long. The author has an engaging writing style. I will be looking for more books by her.

Trespassing gets Gabby gets more than she bargained for but maybe everything she needs from the two men whose land she's invaded.

Book Blurb for Twice as Hard

They caught me. Naked, shivering and dripping after a spontaneous swim in the forest. Two rugged men whose hard gazes captivated and scared me all at once. 

They warned me. Told me I was on private property and I needed to obey the law…or I would be punished. 

The idea of them both punishing me, pleasuring me, kept tormenting me. I couldn't want them. I shouldn't. But I did. 

I didn't mean to trespass again. I thought I could retreat without notice. But they're coming for me. 

To show me the pleasure in pain. To show me just how right forbidden can feel. And to love me twice as hard as I ever fantasized.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50