Prodigal Slave

With her twin daughters off on a European vacation with their grandparents, Charlotte was forty-five, newly divorced and alone for the summer. Then the birthday gift arrived - a red bustier addressed to Cassiopeia. Not her nickname but her slave name. She left Him almost two decades ago because she wanted a child. He's called her home. Charlotte goes back to see if she can find Cassiopeia again and the feelings she's missed for so long. The path may be more difficult than she can imagine as her Master already has a lover, Pierre-Louis and Cassiopeia is expected to love him too.

Can you go back to who you were twenty years ago and find the love lost? This intriguing and unique story tries to answer that question. It's a kinky twist on the second chances theme. There are more canes than cuddles in this one though. Charlotte, Francois and Pierre-Louis have amazing chemistry. There are several relationships building in this story and I enjoyed the contrasts. Charlotte's blossoming relationship with Pierre-Louis is exhilarating. The rekindling of her relationship with Francois is compelling to watch unfold. The added dynamic of both the men and where she fits in adds even more complexity to the plot and her relationship with her daughters helps to keep the focus on the present instead of the past.

The sexual encounters are off the charts in terms of heat and eroticism. There is a bit more pain in this story than I personally care for but if you've read some of Ms. Harte's other books, you'll find this one pretty mild. It's the true soul searching and realizations that lift this story above the rest. It kept my interest from start to finish but more importantly it rang true.

You can't go back to who you were and was really that great anyway? The final dungeon scene and its aftermath is truly is some of the best writing I've seen. It's poignant, honest and raw.

If you enjoy a good BDSM relationship story, I highly recommend this one. This is a bit different for the genre and very well done.

Book Blurb for Prodigal Slave

A summons from the man she once called Master turns this soccer mom’s world upside down.

Recently divorced soccer mom and paralegal extraordinaire Charlotte Sullivan has a secret past life that returns to haunt her on her birthday in the form of a perfectly gift-wrapped, blood-red velvet bustier, followed by a summons from her once master, François Rene de Hart.

Pure lust awaits a mere train ride away, but she fears the journey may break more than her heart the second time around. With her twin teenage daughters in Europe for the summer, the opportunity to relive her youth with a man she once loved seems too good to be true. Curiosity and temptation win out over logic. It’s also a chance to be bad, and she hasn’t been bad in a very long time.

But more surprises are in store for Charlotte than merely a reunion and quick hook-up. François’ current lover, Pierre-Louis, is very much a part of his life, and if she wants to be truly reunited with her Master, she must learn to love the other man as well. The fact he is a much younger man is daunting to say the least.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50