I loved this story. It's filled with angst on all sides. It's so emotionally-charged. I hurt for both Brad and Nick. Their reactions were believable and I couldn't wait to see what either would do next. This is one of the few 'straight/gay' pairing stories that felt real and possible. It has a nice writing style and the hot sex rounds out a very enjoyable read.

Nick and Brad had been best friends for years. One moment changed it all. Nick had more than 'friendly' feelings for Brad and he expressed them one night. Brad responded in fear and confusion. Their friendship ended. However, Brad has always regretted his harsh words and has taken a position at the college where Nick works. He wants his friend back and wants to find out if the love he feels for Nick is real. But Nick's not the same person and doesn't want to risk his heart again. It will take a lot for Brad to reach him.

Book Blurb for Badass

Nick thought he’d been through just about everything life could throw at him, including being wounded in Afghanistan. He’s working as an ROTC officer at a university, and is struggling along. Then he sees English professor Brad, a ghost from his past, a man he’s wanted for many years.

Brad is straight, and when Nick tried to take their friendship to the next level, he lost a good friend. Now Brad is back and on a reckless mission. He has come to find Nick and discover if they can make a go of it as lovers. If they fail, they’ll lose each other—this time for good. Book Length: Novella

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50