Wedding Bellskis

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Wedding Bellskis

Holidays with the Bellskis Book 3

“The Wedding Bellskis” is a bit wacky and evokes the craziness of trying to plan a wedding while balancing work obligations and doing a favor for a relative. The main characters both seem like warm genuine guys and were fun to watch, as was the wacky Jewish element that is flavoring the highly anticipated ceremony, but I thought the mystery/suspense element was very predictable and unremarkable. I think that this story it probably more aimed for folks who have read the other books in the series, as this seems to catch the reader up with where the guys are in their journey. I love the relationship between the main characters and the way they are so supportive of each other, which becomes even more important during the events described in this story. The angst provided by each of the main characters' brothers is a bit frustrating as obtuseness plays a role, but they definitely allow Seth and Lars’ personalities to shine. I think this is a fun, light story with a bit of suspense and I look forward to getting to know these guys a bit better by reading other books in the series.

This adult contemporary m/m novella is part of the ‘Holidays with the Bellskis’ series and follows attorneys Seth Bellski and Lars Varga who are not only planning their wedding ceremony but are also negotiating a crucial contract and then get reluctantly drawn into family drama with their respective brothers. Despite heightened tension and an unsettling feeling that each of them is only dealing with the tip of the iceberg as far as their brothers are concerned, they are determined to have the wedding of their dreams (or at least Seth’s, lol)…provided they are both going to be in a condition to participate!

Book Blurb for Wedding Bellskis

Seth Bellski and Lars Varga have opened their own law firm that specializes in representing the underrepresented--whistleblowers, disadvantaged employees, and those lacking power. The good news is, business is never slow.

But that also means they are busy when all Seth really wants to do is plan his pending nuptials. So when his brother-in-law approaches him with concerns about his own business, and when Lars's brother gives them the cold treatment, Seth wishes he could just tune them all out.

But holidays are all about families, even the annoying members. If Seth and Lars are going to enjoy their joint Hanukkah/Christmas celebration this year, they're going to have to deal with the brother that has a problem, and the brother that IS the problem. And do so before anything else comes in the way of them and their happily ever after.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 3.75