Twin Fantasies

"Twin Fantasies" by Opal Carew tells the story of Jenna Kerry who has been feeling frustrated because her lover Ryan has been putting his work ahead of her in his priorities. Despite the very real love they feel for each other, Jenna feels that they are missing a few sparks from their lovemaking therefore she is thrilled when she discovers that he had heard her when she expressed her desire to role-play an intimate encounter with a stranger. A wonderful night of passion combined with an erotic elevator ride has somewhat unplanned consequences when she discovers that she is pregnant but that pales in comparison to the discovery that the person who fulfilled her fantasy was not Ryan but rather his twin brother Jake. Neither Jake nor Jenna had been informed about the other but Jake is not prepared to relinquish the sexy siren to his brother, especially since she is carrying his own child. A lifelong sibling rivalry reaches another level when Ryan refuses to give up his claim on the woman he loves and Jenna is torn between the two men that she has come to care for. The two brothers must come to an agreement on how to deal with the erotic triangle that they have become entangled in even as they strive to keep Jenna sated and happy therefore all of them have to examine their priorities before it's too late.

Sizzling hot scenes to keep one warm on a chilly night. Jenna discovers that her passionate but intermittent sex life with one man becomes extremely complicated but very erotic when she has two hunky men vying for her attentions. The solution is a little abrupt and given her fecundity I'd expect there to be a larger family mentioned in the epilogue but the title does indeed mention fantasies and this certainly is a delicious fantasy.

Book Blurb for Twin Fantasies

Honorary Mention, Passionate Plume

Award of Merit, Holt Medallion

What's your most forbidden desire?

Jenna Kerry has a secret.ÿ She's always fantasized about sharing her bed with two men, but her fianc‚ Ryan would never approve.ÿ Then one night at a posh reception, Ryan unexpectedly appears and shows her the wildest night of her life.ÿ The trouble is, he isn't Ryan.ÿ When she discovers the truth--that her fianc‚ has a twin--she reignites a long-standing rivalry.ÿ Both men are determined to have her, and they set out to prove theirÿtalents in the most erotic ways imaginable.ÿ But does she dare ask them to explore her most hidden fantasy... and can she handle all that these hot-blooded twins have to offer?

Lock your door and indulge in this wickedly uninhibited tale from Opal Carew--an irresistible new voiceÿin erotic romance.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00