Three Way

Erotic Adventures

“Three-Way: Erotic Adventures” edited by Alison Tyler is a sizzling collection of 21 menage short stories. The stories themselves tend to be somewhat uneven and display different levels of heat and versions of menage. There are some that are not quite to my taste but this was a definite melange of situations and permutations of multiple encounters that are thought-provoking. This is a great way to sample the styles and talents of multiple authors who provide quick reads about real and imagined threesomes.

These hot tales can involve reminiscences of past encounters, the slow build-up from a sequential encounter to a threesome which is still building before the tale abruptly ends, a chance meeting in a random town, a fiance who requires that his new bride-to-be interact with his former wives, some BDSM, fisting, and an assortment of encounters that are sometimes M/F/M or F/F/M, or F/F/F, with or without toys or knives. There are also a couple of implied threesomes wherein the interaction between two women is fueled by the fact that one is lusting after a previous partner that the other had a brief affair with as opposed to the presence of a tattoo which provides an alter ego to join in the encounter. There are well-orchestrated encounters contrasted with those in which not all of the partners are prepared for the fun and games which await but the overall theme is a celebration of the joys to be found with multiple partners.

Book Blurb for Three Way

Party of three?

In Three-Way, 21 of the very best erotica writers offer steamy and surprising variations on the ménage à trois, erotica readers' most often named favorite sexual fantasy. Editor Alison Tyler has gathered a thrilling variety of scenarios that are playful, sensuous, and dangerously explicit. Stories include "The Scarless" by Marcelle Perks, an edgy story about an X-rated movie shoot starring multiple men and a lone woman, and "Third Party" by Dawn M. Pares, where a couple pick up a third at a bar, as they do every so often, only this time their new friend is not quite what he seems.

Three is definitely a charm in this adventurous anthology that begins with Tyler's own true confession of her own first three way at a naughty nineteen years old. In her own words, "Three means more of everything. Maybe I am greedy but, when it comes to sex, I like more of everything. More fingers. More tongues. More limbs. More tangling and wrestling on the mattress." Lucky for readers, she is not the only one and has lovingly selected salacious stories such as dante Davidson's super sexy "1-900-FANTASY," and the masterful Thomas s. Roche's scorching "Two Guys and a Girl," as well as the orgasmic orgy featured in Rebecca Henderson's "Circle of Friends." Alison Tyler's Three Way, serves up plenty of great sex, proving true the adage that "good things come in threes."

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00