Fall Into You

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Fall Into You

A Loving on the Edge Novel

This poignant and sensual story provides a delicious read about charismatic people who dare to take a journey together that will challenge both of them. Anyone who has ever felt a little out of place can identify with Charli who is trying to get ahead based on her qualifications, not her looks, and the tragedy that has virtually devastated Grant has made his responses understandable, even as one’s heart hurts for him. There is a great glimpse of some of the other people who frequent the BDSM resort and an excellent balance between the emotional scenes and the heat that is nicely depicted. Charli’s introduction to the world of the submissive is mesmerizing and arousing and makes this an excellent addition to the genre. This is the first work I have read by this talented author but I definitely will be looking for the other titles in the series.

“Fall Into You” by Roni Loren is part of the ‘Loving on the Edge’ series and gives another look at the BDSM resort known as The Ranch as seen through the experiences of Charli Beaumonde, struggling sports reporter. Grant Waters tries to keep the feisty woman safe, both from those who are threatening not only her job but her very life but also from dealing with his own strong attraction to the woman who has been off-limits because of her family ties. Charli has struggled at work because of her perceived lack of femininity but she has never backed down from a challenge yet and once she realizes that her attraction to the Dominant Grant is mutual, nothing will deter her from pursuing their mutual desires...but she has to find a way to reach the man who has deep emotional wounds that may never heal.

Book Blurb for Fall Into You

He'll do anything for you. But you'd better say please.

When tomboy sports reporter Charli Beaumonde loses a dream TV job because she's not girly enough for primetime, she's determined to land a big scoop and prove her boss made a mistake. But when she gets too close to a football scandal and finds her life threatened, Charli accepts an offer from family friend Grant Waters to hide out at his place--even if Grant predicts nothing but trouble from his buddy's hard-headed, uncompromising, irrepressible, younger sister. There's one more problem...

Grant's "place" is The Ranch, a BDSM resort in Texas, and he's used to being in charge --even if that means trying to keep Charli in line. But much to Grant's surprise, she's intrigued--even envious--of his trainees. They're the epitome of what she's never been: sexy, beguiling, and totally irresistible to a man. Still, Grant doesn't believe for a minute that the sharp-tongued Charli has it in her to be anyone's submissive. But Charli's already on her knees vying for the chance to prove that even the Master can be wrong sometimes.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50