Cowboy Heaven

This sizzling and entertaining read combines the author’s unabashedly sexy style with an intriguing look at the logistics of ranching and the interdependence on teamwork and a strong support system to keep things running smoothly. There are humorous interludes (who has ever compared a man’s equipment to a dishwasher door falling open?) as well as thought-provoking perspectives on such things as age and passion, traditional roles and expectations, plus a bit of suspense and excitement. One can’t help but admire the heroine’s ability to live in the moment (finally) and enjoy the banquet that is before her even as one wonders what took her so long to find a way to release all of that pent-up passion. Unfortunately, I found her to be a little too wishy-washy and disturbingly complacent about some things, especially the startling revelation that occurs near the end of the book. This decidedly erotic story has hunky cowboys galore, and hopefully some of them will get their own Happy Ever After…although some of them have already had plenty of ‘happy endings’ throughout this particular story. I look forward to reading more of their adventures!

“Cowboy Heaven” by Cheryl Brooks is the delightfully carnal contemporary romance that features Angela McClure and the sexy cowboys who remind her that she is a passionate woman. A chance meeting with Troy Whitmore, who has been dumped by the side of the road by his ex-girlfriend, leads to some vivid fantasies and even steamier encounters. Angela has long felt sheltered and isolated from the ranch employees due to both her status as the owner’s daughter and as a widow. Little does she know that she is not the only one who wants things to change around the ranch, and the presence of the new guy is just enough to shake things up, maybe more than anyone ever anticipated.

Book Blurb for Cowboy Heaven

When you find yourself in cowboy heaven...

When lonely widow Angela McClure hires a gorgeous hitchhiking cowboy with an affair in mind, she knows they'll have to be discreet: her old-fashioned father and the stern ranch foreman adamantly discourage any interaction between her and the ranch hands.

Things can get hot as hell...

Despite their attempts at secrecy, the heat between them is undeniable. To divert suspicion, Angela forms a new plan: she'll flirt with all of the ranch hands. Suddenly Angela has a whole stable full of sexy-as-sin cowboys to play with, but only one can win her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00