Champagne Rules

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Champagne Rules

Champagne Rules begins with a hot sexy romp in a cave on the island of Crete. Four years later, Suzanne's Awesome Foursome friends decide she should locate her mystery man. Because Suzanne and her caveman did not exchange personal information, finding him may be impossible. They write an ad for her to place on-line and she becomes Outrageous69.

Jaxon Navarre works day and night hoping to become a partner in a prestigious law firm within the next two years. He sets strict goals for himself because he has a lot to prove as an immigrant from Jamaica. Nothing will stand in his way as he aims for the top. He does, however, have one dirty little secret.

Suzanne is a veterinary student working in a clinic and hoping someday to become a veterinary surgeon. She wants to meet and marry a Ward Cleaver-type sometime in the distant future, but knows her goal is years away.

Because neither is looking for a long-term relationship, they decide to set their own Champagne Rules - a casual once-in-a-while encounter for relaxation and release with no emotional attachment. Can Suzanne and Jaxon keep their own rules or will real life get in their way?

Champagne Rules is the first in a series about the Awesome Foursome, a group of women who have become good friends and share one another's lives. The woman bond over weekly Monday night meals in various restaurants where they learn to love and support one another and agree to disagree.

Susan Lyons has written a fascinating story with well-defined characters, insightful observations, and intricate relationships. The steamy story has surprising depth including strong family ties and bonding girlfriends. Champagne Rules is a compelling read. Pick this book up for a good start on a wonderful series.

Book Blurb for Champagne Rules

What do you do when the best sex you ever had was with a total stranger, four years ago in a cave on Crete? Suzanne Brennan’s gal-pals know the answer to that one: Find the guy! And so, aided and abetted by her friends, she goes online as outrageous69 and tracks down her caveman. Neither she nor Jaxon Navarre are looking for a “relationship” – just some wild, crazy sex. And so they set up the Champagne Rules. Anything goes, at least anything that’s not conventional or mundane. Can't have those bubbles – or anything else – going flat on them! There’s just one problem with rules. They can be awfully hard to stick to. And sometimes, the real fun is in breaking them…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50