Shadow-Time Lover

We are introduced to Zolona on the eve of her death. You see as the last daughter in this Romanian family, Zolona is to be the virginal sacrifice her sisters would not become, in order to lift the curse a witch placed on her family years ago. With fear in her heart, Zolona goes ahead with her destined meeting with a creature that is sure to take her blood and her life.

A human man by day, Filip becomes a haunted cursed beast by dusk every day. He has some recollection as to the deaths that he has caused in his beast form, but tonight, his beast will meet its match. Will the beast win over man during this full moon? Will Zolona's virginal blood spilled on the enchanted rock break the curse over her family, or will her death be in vain? Discover the horrific and erotic meeting that is destined.

Shadow-Time Lover has a new storyline and twists at the turn of every page. Readers will not be disappointed in either character's strength, determination, loyalty, perseverance and of course depth of love for each other. I guarantee that this one will stay with you for a long time, and even possibly after that too.

Book Blurb for Shadow-Time Lover

A man by day and a beast by night, Filip has roamed the mountains of Romania for longer than he wants to remember. To break the witch’s curse and set him free, a virgin’s blood must be shed upon the Rock of Sacrifice.

Zolona is the last of her father’s daughters to remain a virgin, and the last hope for removing the curse from the land. Her courage must hold when she comes face-to-face with the beast.

Enter a medieval world of lords and ladies, witch’s curses, deceit and lies. Where death stalks the night, and the future is laid upon the altar for a desperate chance at happiness.

Publisher’s Note: Previously available in the Forever Midnight anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50