Helen's Release

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Helen's Release

Redemption 4

Ladies are going to love this one! Do not be taken back by the fact that our heroine is full-figured. Helen Weller is fifty year old widow who after many long years is, now, finally feeling in control of her life and good about herself. Attractive still in her own right, Helen finds herself wondering if she can or will ever find another man with whom she can be romantically intimate.

Enter Griffin Powers, who actually has been in the lives of her daughter and her son in law for quite some time. Griffin works with Helen’s son in law and has been somewhat like a surrogate father for him, so he is well known in the family, but Helen has never thought of him as anything other than a family friend.

Griffin has been interested in Helen ever since her son in law showed him a picture of her and he is determined to make a move to show her how he really feels, but Helen is not quite willing to trust it or give up the control over her life that she has become accustomed. The fun begins after Griffin makes a surprise visit to Helen’s house to show her how he really feels, which leaves her perplexed about her feelings and yearning for so much more. Will Helen give Griffin the chance to enter her heart and what will her grown children do when they find out about their mother’s new lover? Read this seductive, sexy, funny and endearing story to find out…it will not disappoint.

Book Blurb for Helen's Release

Fabulous at fifty Helen Weller is not. In fact, the once svelte woman is not only forty pounds overweight, she's also about to be a grandma. Too young to for the senior discount yet to old for singles scene, her prospects have Helen downright blue. Although happy for her daughter, she's despondent for herself. Nobody wants to make love with a granny. Or so she thinks.

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Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75