Welcome To Eden

Caitlyn Ward, a Los Angeles psychiatrist, was a creature of habit. She had her routine mapped out for her and she stuck to it. During one of her routine patient visits with Janet Pennington, Caitlyn was faced with a very uncomfortable situation. Janet was upset because she and her boyfriend were deciding to experiment in the bedroom a bit, but with the new stuff they were incorporating into their love making sessions, it was beginning to make Janet think she was a freak because she was actually liking being more naughtier with him then she usually was. Kate reassured Janet that she wasn't a freak and it wasn't unheard of for couples who have been together for a while to experiment more. Janet added that she liked it so much now that her and her boyfriend had been frequenting fetish clubs.

Caitlyn didn't really know what made people like the fetishes they were into because she herself not only wasn't seeing anyone, but also was never blindfolded, restrained, gagged or whipped when she was in a relationship. Once Caitlyn couldn't really answer Janet's questions about why she was so consumed with sexual thoughts now, Janet sheepishly decided to exit her session twenty minutes early. After she left, Caitlyn thought about it some more and decided that perhaps a little research on the subject was in order for her. After going out and buying a sexy outfit she headed to a fetish club called Eden. Once inside, her evening drastically changed for her.

What happened to Caitlyn once she was inside Eden? With what she was seeing other people do, was she repulsed or surprisingly turned on by it? Was she approached by anyone during her time in the club? Did she decide to let her hair down and actually participate in having some fun?

Ms. Raines definitely pens a steamy, erotic read for her readers to enjoy. I like her character betrayal of Caitlyn and how she decides to step out of her safe zone to do some research on her own. This will definitely have you wiggling in your seat wanting more. I would definitely look into other stories written by Ms. Raines.

Book Blurb for Welcome To Eden

Within the walls of Eden, temptation rules and anything goes..

Psychiatrist Caitlyn Ward never imagined setting foot inside the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles until the day a patient's concerns about sexual desires went beyond her expertise. Now, determined to uncover the answers needed to alleviate her patient's mind, Caitlyn ventures into a world of dark and forbidden pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00