The Luxy Lady

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The Luxy Lady

Viva Los Regalos Series

Kai and Lucas Woods were taking a much need vacation to the hottest destination being Los Regalos. Although married for ten years, because of their demanding jobs they often didn't have much time for each other. When they did, the sex was great, but it was as if all the other times they were living separate lives. Both held a secret from the other in fear of destroying what they did have together. These secrets were literally the wedge between the both of them.

Kai was the owner of a chain of coffee shops. She worked them from the ground up until she was able to franchise them. Through all her blood, sweat and tears her shops were doing very well, but she just wasn't satisfied anymore. She decided to sell everything and take a much needed vacation with her husband in hopes of trying to rekindle what they had lost over the past few years. She wasn't sure anymore if Lucas was satisfied with her and she was going to make certain this trip was the best one yet for the both of them. Even if that meant never admitting her deepest secret to her husband.

Lucas was Chief Operating Officer of his business and it too took everything he had to get where he was. He loved his wife dearly, but he wasn't sure if she felt the same for him anymore. His needs and desires had only increased through the years for her, but because of his secret, he couldn't bring himself to tell her what he really wanted. He felt like he was losing her and he really didn't want that to happen. So keeping his secret from her was the best thing to do to save what was left of their marriage.

Derek was Kai's best friend for years. They were extremely close, but even he held a dark secret that could have destroyed the friendship they had for all those years.

Would these three ever get to find out what each of their secrets were? Would the secrets be so bad that it destroyed Lucas and Kai's relationship? What about Kai's and Derek's friendship? Could they ever forgive each other from withholding secrets from one another? Did this vacation turn out to be the best that Kai and Lucas have ever taken? The only way to find out is to pick up the story and read it for yourself. If you're into paranormal reads, I think this story will definitely entertain you.

Book Blurb for The Luxy Lady

Kai and Lucas Woods are taking a much needed vacation to the hottest destination on Earth: Los Regalos. Although they've been married for ten years, their demanding jobs have often kept them apart. But it isn't just work. Each has a secret neither knows how to reveal without destroying the love they still share.

The Luxy Lady's owner, Adyan Regillus, has been around. One thing he hasn't tried his hand at is marriage counseling. So, when an old friend asks for his help, Adyan agrees. Now, all he can hope is that his curiosity doesn't get the better of him.

Welcome, readers, to Emma Ray Garrett's first crossover book! Join Kai and Lucas as they adventure and reconnect in Los Regalos, with help from Adyan and his intrepid secretary, Amy.

Because after their vacation, they're going to embark on a whole new journey, into the Recondite Corp and Emma Ray's "Pret Ops" world. Where Derek Marshall awaits them, and the trio will face a whole new destiny!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.50