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Thirty-five year old Will Hargener’s life is quite ordinary to say the least. Now divorced for a few years, he doesn’t seem to have any luck in finding someone he would like to date and get to know better. Little does he know his luck is going to change for him in the most peculiar way.
After moving into his new apartment and unpacking his belongings, he heads into the shower. While in there, he stumbles across a loose tile on the floor and he can’t believe what he finds. Just below the loose tile he sees a little hole that allows him to peek into his neighbor’s apartment below him. Will realizes the previous tenant that lived in his apartment was a voyeur. Curious about his findings, he continues to “look in” on his female neighbor below.
If that wasn’t enough excitement for him, while cleaning his apartment one day he finds even more peep holes throughout his entire apartment. Now peeping in on his neighbor had become a full time affair for him. Then the unthinkable happens. 
What happens to Will that changes his life forever? Does his female neighbor ever find out that he is peeping in on her in all different rooms? Does Will ever finally meet her face to face?
Mr. Daemon pens an intriguing story within this novel. I enjoyed how he portrayed Will and Michelle, the female neighbor. As I read the story, I could see Will’s character changing and developing into a new more confident person. I found this to be an entertaining read and I liked the story’s premise a great deal.

Book Blurb for Stripped

If you found a peephole in the floor of your apartment, looking down upon the attractive neighbor beneath you, what would you do? That’s the question posed to Will Hargener, a man whose professional ambition becomes suddenly compromised by the alluring beauty of a woman whose life he can watch in every detail…without her knowledge. From the mundane to the painfully sexy, Will witnesses every facet of his unwitting neighbor’s life, learning more about her than he had ever known about any woman in his life. Then comes the day in which the object of his voyeuristic fantasies collides with stark reality…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50