Red, White, and Groom

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Red, White, and Groom

CJ Parker, owner of Park Perfect Weddings in California, is a very successful wedding planner. She plans weddings ranging from every day couples to high profile ones. She is very proud of her business and works like crazy to keep it as successful as it is even though she detests weddings in general and doesn’t ever plan on getting married herself. 
Her Aunt Patty calls her one morning while CJ is on her way to work and gives her a guilt trip that she hasn’t seen her grandparents for quite some time now in her hometown of Alberta, Canada. After some cajoling, CJ gives in and tells her aunt that she will take the trip with her to see her ailing grandfather. Then her aunt hits her with the news that she has volunteered CJ to be the wedding planner for her old school friend’s wedding. She finds out from her aunt that Mary Kate was getting married to one of the Scott boys. All CJ can wonder is if it’s Dalton, the sexy guy from her past, who is getting married to her school friend. Dalton and CJ had quite a bit of chemistry years ago when they were last together as teenagers. But that is all water under the bridge now – or is it?
What kind of craziness is everyone putting poor CJ through once she arrives at the family’s ranch? Which Scott guy is getting married to Mary Kate? What happens when CJ first sees Dalton again after all these years? Is that same strong attraction still there? What kind of problems is Derek, Dalton’s identical twin brother, getting himself into?
This is a fun, romantic story written by Ms. Schultz that I fell instantly in love with. From the first sentence she had me hooked in. I love CJ and feel so bad for her with all the nonsense her family is putting her through during her visit to get the wedding planned. I just adore Dalton and I know readers will fall in love with him just as much as I did. I just can’t believe that Derek finds trouble lurking around every corner he turns. Ms. Schultz pens a sexy read that I know will entertain you just as much as I was. This is a keeper in my library and a story that I would highly recommend to any reader who is looking for a romantic and fun story that has sparks flying off the pages. Bravo, JT!

Book Blurb for Red, White, and Groom

C – Is for crazy, which CJ Parker is sure she is for agreeing to go back to Canada.
A – Is for anxiety. She has plenty of it between flying, an ailing grandfather, not to mention friends and a guy she’s trying to forget.
N – Is for never getting married, no matter how hunky the guy she’s trying to forget is, or what thoughts are going through his head.
A – Is for accident, which covers everything from the pregnant bride, the MIA groom, and kissing the wrong man—again.
D – Is for Dalton Scott. Who the hell does he think he is? And why is he making her think of sex and wedding—not the one she is planning, but her own. Serves her right for kissing him.
A – Is for away. After the wedding from hell, facing the lies of her family, and admitting that she is never getting over Dalton, she is going away. Well, that’s the plan anyway…
Dalton is sure that his twin brother’s wedding is going to be a Canada Day to remember. Providing the groom shows up and Dalton convinces the pretty CJ to give up planning weddings long enough to have one with him.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 5.00