Phone Calls from the Dead

Rosalie Hopkins is finally starting to put her life together after being stood up at the altar three months ago by her fiancé Kyle Clayton. The odd thing is she doesn’t know what happened to him. He just seemed to disappear that day and she doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. If he’s alive she wants to yell and scream at him for making her look like the fool in front of everyone. Maybe then, she’ll be able to get him out of her mind. But what if she finds out he’s dead? She’ll never get the opportunity to tell him off or even ask him why he left her standing at the altar.
As time goes on, she and everyone close to her start receiving strange phone calls supposedly from Kyle. The phone is completely dead on the other side though. Who would be playing such a disturbing prank as this?
Finally, having no other options available to her, she hires Tavon Williams, a Private Investigator. She wants him to see if Kyle is alive or dead so she can finally put this traumatic situation to rest. She needs some kind of answers and it seems that Tavon is her last resort for supplying them. But once he takes her case, the oddest things start happening to him and everyone close to her.
Does Tavon find out if Kyle is still alive? What information does he know about Kyle that may hurt Rosalie even more than she already is? Is she finally able to move on with her life?
Ms. Scott penned an entertaining read within these pages. This story was written around a Halloween theme, but would be perfectly fine to read any time of year as I have done. I really hoped that Rosalie would find some of the answers she was looking for from Kyle and I wanted her to finally be able to move on with her life one way or another. Once all the strange things started happening to everyone close to her, it made the plot even more interesting to read. I enjoyed reading this story and I would be interested in seeing what else Ms. Scott has available to offer her readers.

Book Blurb for Phone Calls from the Dead

After being left standing at the altar, Rosalie Hopkins is just beginning to put her life back together. A mysterious phone call makes her realize she needs to find her ex-fiance in order to forget him. So she hires the oh-so-sexy private investigator, Tavon Williams to help her.

Tavon Williams was investigating Rosalie’s ex-fiancé. After tailing the man for months, Tavon discovered two things. One, the man was cheating on her. And two, Tavon was in love with Rosalie. So, when Rosalie hires him to solve her cold case, things really heat up!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.50