Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror

Throughout many years there was a superstition wrapped around Grandmother Rovela's house. It was said that there was a ghost trapped inside a cursed large, standing mirror and only on Halloween can the ghost be freed. But each Halloween, Grandmother Rovela wouldn't spend the evening in her own house. She feared that terrible mirror that was banished to the attic even though it was a family heirloom. But this Halloween a Rovela was going to stay in the house.

Amanda Rovela stood outside her grandmother's house with her friend, neighbor and nemesis, Lincoln Baron. They had made a bet with each other that they would both spend a night at the house and the person that decided to leave first before the evening was through had to wager twenty-four hours of menial labor of cleaning the winner's place to a spotless condition. They were both intent on winning and nothing was going to stop them in reaching their own goal.

Mandy, as everyone called her, was Mrs. Baron's best friend's daughter. Being her one-time neighbor, Lincoln saw her as the proverbial bratty younger sister. As they grew up though, Mandy always tried to take him on head to head and tried to one-up him whenever she could. That awkward adolescent girl was now a twenty-nine year old attractive woman who secretly had an attraction to Lincoln for quite some time. The reason she never told him about it though was she didn't want to be another notch on his belt.

Lincoln was an arrogant, too-handsome-for-his-own-good playboy. He was six foot three, dark and dangerous looking. He was Miltown's Fireman of the Year and had plenty of girls at his beck and call. Ironically though, there was one girl that never allowed herself to be at his beck and call. The one girl that he was in love with, but just didn't know how to tell her.

So on Halloween night with a wager placed, Mandy and Lincoln were going to try their hardest to be the winner. They were going to try to reach for a prize that was well more important then their silly wager.

Mandy, determined to get Lincoln where she wanted him, decided to confront her fears and run up to look in the mirror that was in the attic. She believed in the old wives' tale that was past down through the generations that if an unmarried woman looked into a mirror, any mirror, on Halloween she'd see the man destined to marry her. Nervously, she looked into the blackened glass that wasn't even reflective and saw a man's face fading into a skull and then turning back to flesh. His body remained in shadow. After this happened, Mandy and Lincoln started experiencing many strange occurrences. Mandy realized that she was the one who released the ghost, but surprisingly accepted that fact.

Dominic de Sange watched as the pair left the attic. He couldn't wait to leave the mirror he had been banished to for nearly five hundred years. He was now determined to do certain things to satisfy not only himself, but also Mandy and Lincoln.

What were some of the things that the ghost was determined to accomplish? Why was he banished to the mirror in the first place? What effect did it have on Mandy? On Lincoln? Whose face did Mandy see in the mirror and did she know who that man was? Was she content with who the mirror revealed would be her marriage partner? And who finally won the wager? Did anything happen between Mandy and Lincoln while staying in the house together? To find out these answers and more pick up this entertaining story and enjoy. I know I did.

Book Blurb for Mirror, Mirror

Every Halloween, Grandmother Rovela flees her house in fear of a ghost trapped in a cursed mirror. According to superstition, only on Halloween can the ghost be freed.

For years Linc Barron's tried to avoid his attraction to his smart-mouthed friend Mandy Rovela, to no avail. He wants her, but more, he's in love with her. And it's high time he does something about it. So he makes a wager she can't resist: twenty-four hours with him at her beck and call, if she'll spend the night with him in her grandmother's house. And ghost or no ghost, he plans to have Mandy.

Mandy has had the hots for Linc for years, but there's no way she's becoming another notch on his bedpost. So she agrees to his stupid wager - though no other Rovela would ever consider it - for a chance to win his heart.

But the ghost is not only real, it's also far more than a trapped spirit. Dominic de Sange, the man in the mirror, is an earth mage who needs sex to gain power. And he'll use everything Linc and Mandy have to push him back into the spirit realm where he belongs.

Publisher's Note: this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual interaction, m‚nage.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50