Deliciously Dangerous

Blaze #536

Undercover agent, Callie Carpenter, works for a group named Watchdog, which is a CIA-like organization. Her assignment is to get a suspected arms trafficker.

Jammer, aka Shane McMasters, is another agent who receives a similar assignment. He will stop at nothing to get his target.

The problem is Callie must go after her target’s right-hand man which is Jammer. He’s gorgeous looking and wouldn’t mind a romp in bed with him if the situation transpired. She knows she could lose her job over it, but a night with Jammer is what she wants.

Jammer is sexually attracted to Callie too and wouldn’t mind a night of passion, but he knows that his job would be on the line if his team were to find out that he slept with his target, Callie.

Do they put their jobs aside and have the best sex of their lives or do they accomplish what they came to do?

All I can say is WOW! There was steam coming off the pages. Ms. Anders knows how to write hot stories with smoking characters. I loved how they both thought the other was an arms trafficker. It reminded me so much of a Bond-like storyline. The characters were perfect together and their chemistry was sizzling. I know that any reader who picks this book up will not put it down until they’re finished with it. Great job, Ms. Anders!

Book Blurb for Deliciously Dangerous

Undercover agent Callie Carpenter is closing in on her elusive target, but she needs one man: Jammer, aka Shane McMasters--her target's right-hand guy and (coincidentally) an uber-hottie Callie can't resist. And she won't!

Callie's playing a dangerous game. She can be as irresistible and ruthless as her persona demands.

But inevitably, even the most sensual games--involving good wine, good food and great sex--must come to an end. Her mission, should she choose to accept it, is an undercover seduction...with a delicious side of danger!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00