Dante's Desire

Addison loves anything having to do with sex. She loves her body and knows what turns her on. After doing a little strip show for her sexy neighbor, who lives in the building across the street, she finds that she’s totally turned on by the fact that he loves watching her every night. Her little strip show eventually leads into her masturbating near her window in complete view for this hunk.

Dante can’t believe just how beautiful and sexy his female neighbor is. He gets so turned on by her that she actually has helped him get past the block he’s had for some time with his painting. He would do anything to find out this beauty’s name and he’d love to show her just how inspired he has become since watching her do her little window show for him nightly.

Once Dante finds out where she lives and sends her an invitation for a single night together, does Addison accept the invitation or does she lose her nerve altogether? Could this be the start of something good between them?

I really liked this story and found it very entertaining. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and I strongly believe that the sexually charged storyline will leave the reader begging for more. Overall, this was a great story that I think other readers will enjoy.

Book Blurb for Dante's Desire

Masturbating can be so much fun—especially when you have a one-man audience. Addison loves sex. More importantly, she loves her body and isn’t afraid to make it sing. Add a little voyeurism and it’s totally erotic.

Dante’s muse has stalled—until his sexy neighbor starts seducing him. Through her bedroom window, he watches as her hands caress her tantalizing skin. It’s like something out of a strip club, with his very own personal view. Thanks to this beauty, he’s drawing like wildfire. To thank Addison, Dante sends her an invitation for a single night together. That night may encourages them to draw a new future…together.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00