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Christmas Cookies

Julie had it all planned. She was going to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and New Years' Eve dancing with him. That was until she headed over to his apartment and found him sleeping with another woman on Christmas Eve. Distraught and completely angered at Dwayne she stormed out of his apartment. The snow was falling down pretty heavy and all the shops were now closed for the holiday. Tears streamed down her face while she walked further away from Dwayne's apartment.

Heading toward the movie theater Julie heard a cheery, familiar jingle up ahead. She could make out a red-suited figure standing beneath the theater's marquee with a red-painted cauldron beside him, ringing a hand bell. Compelled, she dug into her pockets for some loose change. Throwing the money into the cauldron the man remarked to her that they should be like wishing-wells and that she should make a wish. Not sure why he said that she just commented that as long as the money goes to a hungry person she would be happy. Though saying that out loud to him, deep down she started thinking of what her wish could be for herself- possibly finding someone to hold her, to laugh with her and to love her. She noticed how his gaze seemed to reach inside her soul. She added finally that she really wished for someone to dance with on New Years' Eve. She smiled at him and turned away.

The snow was blinding now, the wind was howling behind her and all of a sudden she heard a frantic jangle of bells. Turning, expecting to still see the Santa gentleman she was completely surprised to see a reindeer charging her with his massive chest heaving and nostrils flaring as he barreled straight toward her. Screaming and running down the sidewalk to get away, she tripped in the snow and expected to hit the pavement, but she never did. Suddenly, she felt something warm and hard catch her and fling her high in the air. She realized now that she had landed on the back of the reindeer as it rose through the snow into the sky.

He flew her out of the suburban town into the sky high above the city. They landed at their destination in a courtyard of an enormous castle, where its walls were gleaming like glass in the moonlight. The reindeer changed back into his human form and led Julie into the ice castle. Totally stunned by the last few minutes of events that occurred, he informed her that he brought her there because he was her Christmas present. All she could think about was that if this was a dream she was having she surely was enjoying it this far and to think their night together was only just beginning.

Who was this creature that was supposedly her Christmas present? Where did he take her? What did he have planned for her for that evening? What did she think about everything going on?

This was a charming read by Ms. Dafoe. The storyline was very creative and the characters were very unique. I loved the idea of the man to reindeer shapeshifter for this story. You won't be disappointed if you pick up this enjoyable tale for yourself.

Book Blurb for Dancer

This year, for once, Julie is going to have a perfect holiday season. She knows it. She's got it all planned -- Christmas with her boyfriend, and dancing on New Year's Eve. But that's before she discovers him in bed with another woman.

Now her holidays are totally ruined. Or are they? When she drops a handful of coins in a street corner Santa's pot, Julie finds herself whirled away into the arms of a stunningly handsome, shapeshifting reindeer for one perfect night of erotic bliss.

Sometimes the magic of Christmas doesn't end at midnight. Sometimes that's when it's just getting started!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 3.50