Candy-Coated Passion

Book Length: Quickie

Natalie Semenova owns a custom candy store named Sinful Temptations, which is her pride and joy. She loves what she does for a living and enjoys making her customers happy. That is, until she finds out that her last two major candy orders got screwed up and were sent to the wrong clients. And who might one of those clients be? It’s none other than Dane Falken, her ex-boyfriend from four years ago.
He is so angry and upset with Nat that he personally goes to her shop and complains how humiliated he was that five hundred chocolate, cream-filled penises adorned the tables of his family’s boardroom during his grandparents’ anniversary party instead of five hundred peony flowers that were supposed to be sent. Nat is mortified at the mistake that was made on her behalf.
As Dane rattles off how upset he is, Nat can’t help but realize that her pulse is racing from Dane standing so close to her and she notices that her heart is pounding in her chest. How could this guy still have this kind of effect on her after four years? He was the one who broke things off with her and ripped her heart out in the process. She tries convincing herself that it’s nothing, but what if it’s not?
Dane realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life breaking off with Nat four years ago and he would finally like to prove it to her if she would give him the chance.
Does Nat finally let her guard down enough to let Dane fix the damage he did years ago? If Dane gets the opportunity, what does he have up his sleeve to prove to Nat that he’s a changed man? In the end, do they finally end up back together again?
Ms. Alexis penned a fun, light read in this short story. I was rooting for Nat the whole time hoping that she would put aside her differences with Dane and give him another chance to prove himself to her. I understood why she was hesitant and quite skeptical of the entire idea because Dane really hurt her by breaking off their relationship years ago. By no means was she going to allow anyone to do that to her again and she pretty much included Dane in that category. I laughed out loud from the author’s comical mishap she created when Nat mistakenly sent the chocolate penises to Dane’s grandparents’ anniversary party instead of the chocolate peony flowers that were ordered. If you’re looking for a short, funny read to fit into your busy schedule, I think this one is the perfect choice. 

Book Blurb for Candy-Coated Passion

Natalie Semenova has everything she wants. Except her younger sister’s college tuition is past due and Nat can’t even begin to remember the last time she had sex. When two large orders are placed in her candy shop, everything starts to look up. Until a horrible mix-up involving chocolate penises brings Nat’s ex-lover to her door.

Dane Falken knows he has to make up for the biggest mistake of his life to win Natalie back, but all she’s interested in is the orgasms he gives her. When two people determined to get what they want end up in bed together, what happens is sweeter than candy.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00