Lily McCourt couldn't believe what was about to happen to her. What she thought a couple of drifters from the neighboring ranch were going to do was rob her, but instead they wanted something more from her. Blade and his accomplice were trying to rape her. Or at least that's what they had in mind until everyone heard a shot ring out. One of the derelicts grabbed his injured arm while the other dove to the floor. Lily escaped unharmed to the back of the barn wanting to get as far away as possible from these attackers. She had no idea who saved her, but all she heard were sounds of fists hitting flesh and she had hoped he won the fight.

Suddenly she heard a familiar male voice calling out to her to come out from hiding. It was Troy Hammond. She was in love with this man and had been since the moment she first saw him. Now more than ever her love would increase for this man because he saved her life from those attackers.

What happened after Lily came out from hiding and saw Troy? When he took care of her after the attack, did anything spark between the two of them? Did she finally admit how she felt for him?

This short read by Ms. James doesn't disappoint by any means. The attack scene was tastefully done not getting into anything too violating. Her words were chosen well to set the scene and the story played out wonderfully. There was such emotion penned throughout this story that I was feeling what Lily was feeling firsthand. Ms. James has a wonderful talent with her words and I just love her characters. You will fall in love with her writing no matter what story you choose to read of hers. Great job, Liza!

Book Blurb for Branded

When young widow Lily McCourt is attacked by a couple of neighboring ranch hands, Troy Hammond comes to her rescue, just as he has since the day her husband died. For Lily, it was love at first sight the moment the ranch foreman drifted onto the Triple M Ranch, and Troy feels the same, she's sure of it. She's also certain Troy's loyalty to her dead husband has kept him from acting on his feelings, and if she wants to break the reluctant cowboy's stubborn sense of honor, she'll have to shed more than her petticoats to brand him as her own.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00