Bonfire Night

Tricks and Treats - Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic - Book Length: Quickie

On Samhain night, Tabitha Reed, an Irish witch with her own habits and her own processes prepared her meditation area to visit with the man she was in love with, Liam. Once prepared, she entered into her deep meditative state and eagerly looked forward to spending time with him, even though he was a figment of her imagination- or so she thought anyway.

While they were together enjoying each other, Liam all of a sudden sensed danger and warned Tabby to break her trance immediately. Reluctantly, she did so, but she questioned why he was so abrupt like that with her. This was so unlike his normal behavior toward her. As she was trying to calm herself down and figure out what had just transpired, a man produced himself out of the shadows of her room. He was apparently there to hurt her and she knew it. Her gut warned her not to leave her protective circle she had created for her meditation so she stayed within its confines. As the shadowy man tried to harm her all the candles surrounding her flared to life and suddenly there was a man kneeling beside her protecting her from harm. Overwhelmed by what was going on she confusingly asked the man if he was Liam. He confirmed with her that he was and told her to stay within her protected circle. She followed as she was told.

As the story progresses, she finds out that the shadowy man is what they call a Whisperer. They whisper of power, glory, pain, triumph and riches to all the witches and while convincing them that they can have any of these gifts, the Whisperer then in turn embraces all of the witch's powers and then uses them against her. Liam explained that he, on the other hand, is a Watcher. Her Watcher to be exact and he had been protecting her for years now. He is the complete opposite of a Whisperer.

As the evening passes, they know that the Whisperer will resurface one more time just before dawn. They both remain alert and watchful, awaiting that evil doer to show up again to fight for Tabby's powers.

Does the Whisperer ever show up again? If so, does he overpower Liam and take Tabby's powers from her? Or does Liam win this battle? Where does this leave Tabby and Liam now that she knows the other world exists?

This was an enjoyable read with a unique storyline. The interaction between Tabby and Liam was quite intriguing and you could feel the love that they felt for each other toward their actions toward one another. I was complete surprised how Ms. Kelly ended the story because I just couldn't imagine how things were going to end for Tabby. It was a pleasant story to read and I was completely satisfied with the final ending the author chose.

Book Blurb for Bonfire Night

Since last Samhain night, Tabitha Reed, a green witch living in Ireland, has enjoyed erotic interludes with a man she encounters only in her meditative visions. And because these meetings aren't real, she feels free to be herself and indulge in every wicked pleasure he offers. But when Tabitha's life is threatened by a mysterious stranger on Halloween night, she discovers her vision lover, Liam, isn't a figment of her imagination. He's her Watcher, and he's determined to protect her, whatever it takes.

Now Tabitha must decide how far she's willing to go to keep Liam in her life…and what she's willing to risk to love him.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50