Travis: The Braddock Boys

Love at First Bite, Blaze #627

Vampire cowboy Travis Braddock desires and craves sex just as much as his need for blood to survive. So when he meets up with wedding planner Holly Simms, things by far are normal with this pairing, but the sparks definitely do fly between them.

Holly works extremely hard at her job and just doesn't have any time in her crazy schedule to have a love life. When Travis enters the picture, it seems she finally has met someone who could change her mind about things. But when she finds out exactly what Travis is the question remains will she still be interested in him since he's a vampire? Can Holly be the one that Travis has been missing in his life? Could this odd pairing make it work?

I must admit that the storyline was very different and quite unique in my opinion. I'm not a big vampire fan of any book that I might read, but nonetheless I still kept an open mind while reading this story. I just felt that the chemistry between Travis and Holly was a bit crazy and the explanations he offered her of the attributes of being a vampire just seemed far-fetched to me. I wouldn't say this was one of my favorite all time stories, but it did help me pass the time a bit. If you're a vampire fan, you may find this book more to your liking than I did. Overall, it was a good story.

Book Blurb for Travis: The Braddock Boys

He's dying to taste her…

Lean, mean Travis Braddock is not your typical cowboy—he's a brooding vampire searching for the killer who cost him his family, his future, his life. The last thing he needs is a woman he can't resist. Then he met her…

Wedding planner Holly Simms is the perfect girl for a vampire on the move. Especially since she's trying to ditch her "good–girl–lookin'–to–get–hitched" image. So Holly and Travis strike up a bargain— wickedly hot sex…with no strings attached! But nothing prepared Travis for the possibility that there's room for a love life in the afterlife…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00