Cherie's Silk

Ms. Garson penned a short, hot story in which we’re introduced to Cherie Barnett, who is attending a business conference and has a wardrobe malfunction with her sexy undergarments right in the middle of the hallway. Not being able to run to the bathroom because she’ll humiliate herself even more than she already has, she hides behind a potted plant outside the conference hall. In the process, a co-worker she’s had the hots for sees her hiding and offers her some assistance. Mason Andrews can’t believe how sexy Cherie’s undergarments are because she comes off as such a reserved person at work. Knowing what’s underneath her work clothes is such a turn on for Mason that he just can’t help but let her know how he’s feeling right now. Overall, I liked the characters and laughed at Cherie’s predicament. I thought there was some hot chemistry going on between Cherie and Mason and I loved how much he was into Cherie. If you’re in the market for a short, hot read than you might want to look into buying this one.

While Cherie Barnett is attending a work conference, she has the unthinkable happen to her. Her corset strings have broken and she’s losing her clothes as she’s trying to head to the bathroom. Not being able to make it to the ladies room, she does the next best thing that comes to mind. She hides behind a large potted plant in hopes of being able to fix the problem long enough so she can run to the bathroom. While she’s hiding, Mason Andrews, the guy she’s been lusting after for some time, comes to her assistance. One thing leads to another and the last thing she’s worried about at the moment is a wardrobe malfunction. Sparks fly between them, but while they’re having some naughty fun does anyone catch them? Is Cherie able to fix her clothes long enough to get through the rest of the day without embarrassing herself anymore?

Book Blurb for Cherie's Silk

Wardrobe malfunctions are embarrassing in the best of situations. What’s a girl to do when a male coworker - who also happens to be one of her secret crushes – finds her in a tight spot?

Mason might be willing to save Cherie from exposing her silky under-things at a packed business convention but will their steamy hallway encounter lead to more than a one night stand?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50