The Extremist

The Extremist: Hot and deliciously outrageous, a highly charged extremely erotic adventure into sexual extremism. How do you deal with life when you have so many neuroses? Hide or venture out into the world.
Determined to change her life, Annie takes a vacation on a secluded island to acclimate herself slowly into society and rid herself of some of her neuroses. A chance meeting with a long time nemesis sparks an unlikely encounter that thrusts our dear heroine into more life altering experiences than she could ever imagine.
As the novel progress the reader is able to see a natural progression of Annie’s character, from the shy neurotic woman to a woman willing to try and take the first steps to taking control of her life, becoming more confidence and self assured with each passing day and each sexual encounter with Martin.
At first glance Martin appears to be just an opportunistic beach bum; very sexually charged sexual extremist. Martin, the sexual extremist, swoops down into Annie’s life taking her on a whirlwind roller coaster of sexual delights and discoveries. Through her relationship with Martin, Annie is able to find peace with some of her neuroses and experience life.
I enjoyed this novel and found that the title of the novel fits the actions of the characters nicely. The concept of a sexual extremist was very intriguing.

Book Blurb for The Extremist

For Annie Swenson, only one cure works better than psychotherapy… Annie’s afraid of heights, she’s afraid of crowds, and she’s not too crazy about flying. When her therapist orders her to take a vacation, she picks remote Cat Island in the Bahamas, hoping to hide away. Mortified to find she’s the only single woman at the resort, she pretends the handsome, mysterious stranger behind her in the buffet line is her boyfriend. He goes along with the charade … for a price! The choice is simple: reveal her sham or go along with his erotic, boundary-pushing games. Annie’s life will never be the same after her sensual encounters with The Extremist.
Contains male domination, sexual exploration, light bondage, exhibitionism.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50