Wolf Hunt

Men of Passion, Colorado 5

Caitlyn Miller played a big role as a supporting character in "Wolf Call". She showed herself to be a strong and independent woman fiercely loyal to her friends. I was happy to find that she was getting her own story in "Wolf Hunt". I found Caitlyn to have the heart of a warrior deserving of a future with a love or loves just as brave, strong and loyal as she. This is something she found with Eddie, Shawn and Max Evans. She is already familiar with shifters and ménage relationships having watched her friends find happiness in their own ménage couplings.

The Evans men are more than human, they are werewolves. As for Max, Shawn and Eddie they want to break away from the oppressive Gaston Pack of Denver. The pack is known for its iron handed alpha with a cruel streak a mile wide. They dream of locating the mythical place called Hidden. It’s said to be close to a Utopia where shifters can live in peace and safety. It’s to be found somewhere in Montana. They lost their first mate sometime before and expected to live out their lives single. But then they are bowled over by a feisty brunette dancer from the cowboy bar over in Passion, Colorado. Having known love and the pain of losing that love are they willing to take a leap of faith on a second chance at the elusive happiness? She is their destined mate.

They will need courage when their Alpha, Snake Gaston, not only refuses to let them leave the pack, but decides he wants Caitlyn for himself whether they and Caitlyn are agreeable or not.

Don’t miss this latest shift ménage by Jane Jamison. Readers will be pulled into the town and the relationship. Join the men and women of Men of Passion, Colorado and get swept away into another must read series.

Book Blurb for Wolf Hunt

Caitlyn Miller, a waitress at the popular cowboy bar Saddles, is sure that the lycan way of life is right for her. She’s going on the hunt to find the three shifters who will love her for the rest of her life. Werewolves Max, Shawn, and Eddie Evans dream of breaking from the cruel Gaston pack to find The Hidden, a mystical sanctuary for supernaturals hidden within the mountains of Montana. Having lost their first mate, they’re set on living the rest of their lives as confirmed bachelors, but they never expect to get blindsided by the fiery and determined Caitlyn. But the pack isn’t letting go, and the ruthless alpha wants Caitlyn for his own. Can they break free of the pack and save Caitlyn? Or will they deny the love they share and leave without her? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50