Hot and Ready

Men for Hire: Firemen 3

Jane Jamison has a talent to make your heart pound in your chest at the same time she melts it. She provides characters that bring your fantasies to life. She uses the written word to bring her characters to life and draw you into her stories.

Beth Davidson, an executive assistant at Progressive Development, dreams of becoming a nurse. But she lacks the funds for tuition to proceed with her dream. Her best friend and co-worker Ruthie Morgenstern comes up with an inventive idea. How about using firemen. And specifically two firemen, Aaron Mason and Seth Shepherd who are also step-brothers. With the brother's help, Beth hopes to raise enough money to pay her tuition. She proposes a provocative calendar with a twist, a BDSM erotic twist. Aaron and Seth give their promise to repay a favor Ruthie did for Firemen for Hire. She is calling in that favor.

The brothers take one look at Beth and know she is the one they have been looking for. Now they just have to convince her she is a submissive and that they want her for their own. If only she will accept them. With the means to raise the money in sight Beth tries to tell Seth and Aaron they are wrong about her. But why does the thought of what they propose excite her so? Will she take the money and run? Or will she give in to temptation and give these two heroes a chance?

This is the third in the Firemen for Hire series. The author finds a way to make each story unique. She leaves you fulfilled and yet longing for more when you come to the end of each story.

In "Hot and Ready" we are given two strong alpha men who are willing to give their lives to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is a given that they will be beyond handsome, but they are also honorable men who will do whatever necessary to keep those close to them safe. Their strengths go beyond the physical and by the time you finish the story you will feel as though you have known Seth, Beth and Aaron all your life.

Pick up a copy today! "Hot and Ready" can easily be read as a standalone, but you will soon be reading them all. If you finish before the next Firemen book is available, check out the authors Cowboys for Hire or Pleasure, Texas series. If you like shifter stories, then you are so in luck. Jane Jamison has Werebear Shifters of Shatland, Texas - a spinoff of her Werewolves of Forever, Texas, then of course there is the Mountain Wolf Pack, Men of Passion, Colorado, as well as Mountain Men of Montana and Skinwalkers.

With so many books to read you will busy for a long time, but persevere, they are so worth it.

Book Blurb for Hot and Ready

Beth Davidson needs money for nursing school and comes up with the idea to photograph sexy firemen in provocative poses for a BDSM calendar. Although she's ready to snap a few photos, her shyness has kept her sex life strictly vanilla, putting her own fantasies of submitting on hold. Firefighters, Aaron Mason and Seth Sheppard, want Beth as their submissive. They say yes to posing as BDSM calendar models, but only if she'll give into her desires. Beth's craving to experience submissive sex wars against her inhibitions. But after photographing month after sinful month of provocative scenes, she has two choices. Either give in to her passion and pose with Aaron and Seth, or give up not only her dream of becoming a nurse, but her fantasy of claiming them as her masters. Can they persuade her to give into her need to submit? Or will another man's unwanted advances keep her sensuality locked inside her?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50