Moon Goddess & Sun Goddess

Torrid Teasers Volume 33

The Moon Goddess: Celine is the Moon Goddess; she is one of the beloved daughters to King Thane and Queen Ara. The King and Queen decide to place a wager on which of their daughters will marry first as they are impatient for grandchildren. Celine's sister is Kyra, who is the Sun Goddess. Queen Ara has placed her bet on Celine and King Thane has placed his hopes in Kyra.

Kane of Tharsus is a warrior for the King. He is also a close friend to Kyra and a distraction to Celine. Celine challenges Kane to a battle to show him that she is to be respected as the Moon Goddess. During the sensuous battle Kane reveals his feelings for Celine and Celine acknowledges her feelings for Kane.

As Kane and Celine revel in their feelings Celine learns of the wager her parents make and Kyra and Celine decide to make them suffer for a time.

Sun Goddess: Kyra is the Sun Goddess; she is the second beloved daughter to King Thane and Queen Ara. Kyra and Celine have decided to make their parents suffer, for making the wager on what child would get married first, by Celine refusing to get married. Kyra is soon driven to distraction by her parents who keep throwing men at her. As Kyra decides to stay away from family for a day she comes upon a dog giving birth and the man helping the dog needs help. Kyra is mistaken as a staff member by Ian. She decides to keep her identity a secret and to keep busy away from home.

Ian is the Keeper of the Dogs and hails from Palma. Palma's men mate for life and due to the steamy activities from the day; Kyra and Ian are now mated. She decides she must talk to him and let Ian know of her identity. After the shock Ian releases Kyra from their bond. Kyra and Ian must try to find a way to have a future together.

These two teasers were very quick and enjoyable to read, I would definitely like to read more from the author in regards to Kyra and Celine.

Book Blurb for Moon Goddess & Sun Goddess

“Moon Goddess” Celine is the Moon Goddess. Cool, calm, serene. Except for when Kane of Tharsus pricks at her pride and fires her blood. A challenge is made. One, which neither will walk away from. And the Moon Goddess discovers that she’s not quite as objective as she thought she was. And the man of her dreams is as persistent as she “Sun Goddess” Kyra is the Sun Goddess. Fiery, passionate, and fierce. Her emotions run strong. Especially when she hears about the wager her parents made pertaining to her and her sister’s marital state. Or lack thereof. Kyra vows to never give them the satisfaction of a win. But she can’t deny the pull of a strong, steady man who soothes her spirit and touches her soul.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00