The Conquest

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The Conquest

Year 1080 Scotland, erotica

Julia Templeton's The Conquest has two main characters that would make anyone's heart rate rise! The ideal masculine personality - if in real life- would truly be "eye candy", watchable, lickable, dependable, and irresistible. The female character is also portrayed as the ideal female. She is to wed a man she hasn't met that is older than her own father. He sends Adelstan to bring Rhiannon to England for the nuptials. Lord Malgor has paid a high price to her father for Rhiannon. It appears to be love at first sight when Adelstan and Rhiannon make eye contact. The story unfolds as they both battle the fight of honor bound versus love.

The Conquest has so much of what we historical romance erotica readers love to see: wonderful personable spirited characters; easy to follow plot; and explicit love scenes. The addition of the lady's maid and her exploits increases the sexing heat tenfold. That means she gets it on - here and there- him and her and him. Yes, there's a m‚nage in the mix too. The Conquest is an enticing erotic romance that any romance lover would love to warm up to.

Book Blurb for The Conquest

Sequel to THE BARGAIN (Adelstan's story)


Rhiannon McKay, daughter of the wealthy laird of Clan MacKay, always knew she would one day be married to someone of her father's choosing.

However, when he offers her hand and dowry to the older Norman baron Lord Malgor in exchange for the Lord's services to the king, it is nothing like she had imagined.

Now she must spend her life with a man who could never satisfy the needs of someone so ripe and willing.


When handsome Adelstan Cawdor is hired to escort Rhiannon to her betrothed, one look at her and he is smitten. He despises having to deliver this beauty to a rival. What's more, Rhiannon doesn't want to go. She yearns to be rescued-and taken by a man like Adelstan, regardless of betraying a formidable foe like the baron. But when Rhiannon's life is threatened, Adelstan's prepared to do anything to win his lovely prize, and save her from the terrible consequences of another man's vengeance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75