Spin Some More

Devilish Games

There are three books in this series, all relating to Spin Devil doll, I'm reviewing now; Book 1 Spin Devil; Book 2 Spin It Again; Book 3 Spin Some More.

Book 1 of the series, Spin Devil, Cleo's interaction with Sebastian is spurred by the Spin Devil doll at their college beach party reunion. Book 2, Spin It Again, concerned David and Evie's split after David confessed he had sex at his class reunion. These earlier reviews are available on the Night Owl Romance Review site easily accessible by author, book title, or reviewer's name (Dee).

The theme of both of these stories appeared to be men behaving badly, but now with Book 3 Spin Some More; finally a woman makes her mark.

Book 3 Penelope retrieved the Spin Devil doll from the ocean where Jason had thrown it away, never to see it again. Jason and Penelope grew up together as their families were friends, and when she materializes as his neighbor he feels he needs to protect her. He chases all her would be suitors away but takes no course in beginning a love relationship with her. She's frustrated and vows to get his attention. She tries ways to get his attention, but nothing seems to get the results she's after. She calls an escort service with the idea of showing him she can take anything he can dish out, but first he must see she's a woman with needs. He spies on her and sees Murry, the escort honing in on his territory. Jason bursts into the house ready to toss Murry out but the scene develops into a threesome as Penelope directs Jason and Murry to act out Penelope's fantasies.

Book 3 Spin Some More follows true with a similar feel as the other in the Devilish Games series. The background information takes up most of the 48 pages. The characters then are well developed and you understand much of the dilemmas they're faced with. Spin Some More has much more dialogue than the other 2 of the series. The theme here appears to be, Penelope, girl gone wild. The other two books' themes I rated as men behaving badly.

In all the stories the characters strive to get their relationships to work. If it takes the impetus of a Spin Devil doll to get the ball rolling then so be it.

Red Garnier entertaining series centered on a sexual group of people playing a spin the bottle-like game. What could be more fun?

Book Blurb for Spin Some More

Book three in the Devilish Games series.

Convinced the spin devil was ruining his sex life, Jason gave the stuffed toy to his neighbor, Penelope. Now if only he could get rid of her as easily. She's driving him out of his head with lust. Problem is, he's made it his mission to protect her — especially from men like him.

Penelope has tried everything to entice Jason with her wiles, resulting in zero progress. He still sees her as the sweet, innocent girl he grew up with. Now she has a little red friend who might help her get what she wants, and if she has her way, the devil won't be the only one spinning tonight.

Reader Advisory: This book has male/male sexual content.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50