Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien

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Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien

BDSM - Futuristic

Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien seems a silly name for an intelligent dialogue filled fantasy romance, but there's so much more to the story than that.

For ten years Raven watched and learned Natalia, but until her 30th birthday party she knew nothing about him. As their eyes met she felt this overwhelming draw towards him and ends up leaving the party with him. It's not until the next morning - awake and bonded something seems awry.

Raven, a half human and half Dreauxoid, knows Natalia desires and what he doesn't know he reads her at the moment. He gives her time to come to love him and if in the end she doesn't he'll let her go.

There's conflict in the mix not only between these two, but Raven's been trying to catch up with his step mother and half brother that run a spa which illegally enslaves half breeds. When Tre and Ardella see an avenue for keeping Raven off their tails for good they take their opportunity and kidnap his half sister. Raven, Natalia and others work together to get rid of Tre and Ardella but Raven gets injured in the process.

Ms Pierce's imaginative writing is action packed with clear and concise dialogue. There's a lot of anal sex as Dreauxoids don't have vaginal sex until the act of life mating.

I enjoyed this very entertaining Sci-Fi fantasy romance and I would recommend Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien to other readers.

Book Blurb for Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien

Genre: BDSM Futuristic

Length: Novel

Natalia Ferguson, a beautiful bi-racial actress, has no problem attracting men. It's just that men are never strong enough for her to fulfill her secret desire for dominance and kink in the bedroom. So, when she wakes up one day and finds herself chained to the bedposts of a bed with a sinfully handsome man standing over her, she's equal parts intrigued and frightened. Especially since she feels as if she knows him.

No the problem with Raven Steed is definitely not a lack of strength. The trouble with Raven is, he claims to be an alien. And her soulmate.

While she's determined to run from the madman, her body has a different idea. So does Raven's half-brother. And it's not until he whisks her halfway across the universe to a Safe House and sexual safe haven that she realizes he might just be the Dreauxoid Dom of her dreams. If only he can stay out of trouble.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Mild bondage, domination/submission, dubious consent, exhibitionism, m/f/m sexual interaction, spanking.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50