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Hotbed is in 3rd person narrative with energetic characters that enthrall the reader to the very end.

Natalie is 30, an investigative reporter in the search of incriminating evidence on Whitlaw Daumery. Whitlaw is an entrepreneur, cum local politician, who lives in the town of Redwych where Natalie grew up and her half sister, Patti currently lives. But on the train to town she and prodigious Steven Small, who she thinks may be a teacher, have a sexual encounter in the teeny bathroom cubicle.

Another gallant male journalist, Alex, after their own orgasmic encounter, takes Natalie to a local adult club where sex and the subject of her investigation are on display. Natalie's not sure if there's something in the food, water, or Redwych that's created her insatiable sex drive, but she just can't get enough and she doesn't understand it.

Stella Fontaine, a transvestite, runs the adult club and is the epitome of enigmatic character in the story when Natalie is ignorant of Stella's other personality Steven.

Soon Natalie's debates the moral issues of enjoying BDSM, and her reaction. If offered a great favor or large sum of cash should she quell the incriminating story she came to uncover?

Again Portia Da Costa has written a multi faceted erotic tale full of expressive characters in colorfully described settings sure to heat your blood to a feverish pitch.

Book Blurb for Hotbed

Disaffected journalist Natalie is on the trail of an expos‚. Her quest for a juicy story leads her to discover that her staid academic hometown has become a hotbed of sleaze and hidden perversity. Quickly drawn in, Natalie soon falls under the spell of Stella Fontayne-a glittering drag queen at the centre of an erotic underworld. Her sister and rival Patti is in on the action, too, and nobody is quite who or what they seem. Explores a world where transgressing sexual boundaries is the norm.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50