Dark Lust

When does an author take a few stories and bound them with a few others?

Dark Lust is an interesting compilation of a few short stories bound with a few others, nine to be exact. There's an ongoing saga in two of the episodes, with a medallion and its individual affect on a table of women, when grouped together as one lessens the count to eight stories.

Most of the tales pretty much slap you in the face with their own reality.

My responses to each story consecutively: OUCH; STUPID; PRIMAL; LET ME TRY; EW; SO TYPICAL; KIDS; HOW MUCH WAS IT?; WHICH WAY DID HE GO?

Does each tale bear its own lesson in life? I'm not so sure about that! I enjoyed the medallion episodes, but I'm really hard pressed to find anything consistent with all the stories, except illicit sex and maybe the old standard phrase, "Shit Happens".

Would I recommend it? Yes, sure, Why Not?

Book Blurb for Dark Lust

He knows what you yearn for. He can sense your deepest desires. He's the Dark Lord, and he's arrived to haunt your dreams.

This collection of short stories will shock, amuse, amaze and astound you, not to mention heat up your personal thermostat to above its danger level. In addition to the Dark Lord, other short stories feature pre-historic play, contemporary life, and even a dash of revenge. So fasten your seat belt and keep your hands inside the safety rails…it's going to be a wild and sensual ride on the roller coaster called "Dark Lust".

Publisher Note: This is a reissue of a previously released Ellora's Cave story.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.50