Setting Boundaries

The Edge Series

Setting Boundaries is a sexy romp. What can I say, except that I enjoyed it, but I also had a problem with it. There wasn't enough of the story for me to sink my teeth into. The characters were likeable and I was looking forward to learning more about them. It was obvious that the Trixy and Garth had a history together. We don't really learn much about it and the writer barely scratched the surface of Garth’s animosity towards Trixy. The writing style was excellent and the story had a lot of potential. The love scenes were smokin' hot, yet there wasn't enough story to back it up. Just as I was really getting into the story it ended rather abruptly, leaving me wanting more…a lot more. It would've been nice to find out how things went with Garth and Trixy!

Bottom Line: I really did enjoy this short novella. I really liked the characters and the writing was great. But next time, Ms. Chase, can we have some more, please?

Book Blurb for Setting Boundaries

Widow Trixy Manville is desperate to save her cattle and turns to a neighbor with an offer—his pick of her best calves in exchange for water rights.

Garth Rutger negotiates for one night of hot, unforgettable sex from the woman he’s wanted for the past decade. A bit of humiliation might assuage his yearning. After her first refusal, he raises the stakes to a ménage that includes his brother. Will Trixy’s agreement lead her to a pact with the devil, or the sexual exploits she’s been craving?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00