Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves is heavy on the smexy, with lots of intrigue and action. The characters were extremely likeable, but they could have used a bit more development. But the engaging plot more than made up for it as Brent and Annalee go from bedroom hi-jinks to danger and intrigue in this exciting book from Jennifer LaRose.

Annalee's fiancé has been fooling around with her best friend. He comes crawling home with whip marks on his ass and reeking of her bf's cheap perfume. Girlfriend puts the clues together and kicks both their skanky butts to the curb. I liked Annalee. She did the same thing I would have, only she let Willow keep her hair on her head. Me... I would have snatched it right out. But our heroine is a classy lady, she walks away and doesn't look back. She goes to an office party and ends up crossing paths with Brent, the man who starred in all her sexual fantasies.

Brent always wanted Annalee. But, like her no good cheating ex, he thought she was too fragile to meet his needs. So he left town and took a security job protecting ships from high seas pirates. Things went bad at sea and Brent got a little wake up call. Now, he's come back to town to re-connect with Annalee. Annalee can't believe the stud that walks into the room is the same man who wouldn't give her the time of day way back when he starred in all her fantasies. He's changed a lot and now he's definitely interested. They hook up at an office party and start making up for lost time. Lots and lots of hot sexy times. Brent and her no good ex thought she was fragile, but Annalee seemed more like a sex starved nympho to me. Not that Brent was complaining.

It's not all sexy times. Brent’s job comes back to bite him in the ass. Things get pretty hairy for a while, with a sadistic pirate out for revenge. Annalee has trouble accepting the danger that surrounds his job, and as it happens, she's right to be afraid, as Bren’ts enemy targets her.

Riding the Waves is amazingly well written. The plot was unique and the characters engaging and likeable. I could have easily given it five stars had LaRose developed the back story a bit more and had Brent and Annalee spend at least some of the time out of the bedroom. Not that I'm against lots of smexy with my story. Riding the Waves featured some of the hottest love scenes I've read. For the record: I've read a lot. This story was not lacking in that department. I can't really put my finger on what was missing. Just felt that there should've been more. Maybe LaRose should have explored that sammich that Annalee was interested in. That might've done it for me. I could definitely go for some more of Brody. Maybe he'll meet someone interesting on his next trip to sea, and the writer will tell us his story then. (hint...hint)

I enjoyed every minute of this story, and am looking forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend this book to any reader who likes a super-hot story, a hot alpha hero and a sassy heroine, and some intrigue thrown in.

Book Blurb for Riding the Waves

Annalee Parschen is devastated when she discovers her soon-to-be ex-fiancé has been having a secret BDSM tryst with her best friend. Crushed, she wonders how anyone could find a sexual thrill in punishment or submission. Then she’s reunited with Brent Delaney, a former coworker who still ignites her flame. Though they’ve never had sex, she’s taken him home in her fantasies countless times. Turns out he’s been wanting to take her home too. And he has a thing or two to teach her about finding pleasure in submission.

Brent is now a private sea fighter who guards his employer’s ships from piracy in the China Sea. Returning to the States after a daring ocean rescue, he’s thrilled to be reunited with Annalee, even more so when he gets to introduce her to his dominant side. Unfortunately the murderous pirate he put behind bars has escaped and he’s seeking revenge—against Brent, and anyone he loves.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00