My Kind of Dirty

Dirty F**kers MC Book 2

This book hooked me from the start! I am really loving this new biker series from Sam Crescent.

As the story begins we find out a bit more about Drake who regrets some of his wilder days. Now he's ready to settle down as soon as he meets the newest waitress in town. Grace had just moved back to her home town of Greater Falls after a bad experience with her abusive ex. She had lost trust in men but that was before she met Drake.

It has to be said that I really loved Drake. Sam Crescent has a way of writing heroes that who are irresistibly sexy, but he was absolutely perfect. He realized that he would have to take it slow with Grace so he didn't push it. He was so sweet and patient with her, so they were so good together that they fell in love before they knew what hit them. It wasn't long before Grace was fantasizing about her hot biker and Drake was claiming her as his woman. He was so protective of her and totally different from the usual alpha biker that he grabbed my heart right away.

Get ready for a treat because this series is unique from any other MC romance. It's really a blend of bad boy bikers and a BDSM club scene. It has interesting couples and side stories that I can't wait to read about. I'm really hoping for something with Chloe and Richard soon, but of course Pixie and Suzy would be just as great. Just more will do for this satisfied reader.

Book Blurb for My Kind of Dirty

Grace has left behind an abusive ex and moved back to the town where she grew up, only to find it has been taken over by the local MC. But they’re not dangerous, and she even finds it enjoyable to work in the diner they own. However, one member is determined to become more than just a customer.

The last time Drake fell for a woman, he ended up with an STI, and being the laughingstock of the club. Grace is different. She’s not after his cock or looking to be part of the club. They start an unusual friendship, but neither can deny the attraction between them. Still, Grace’s fears, left over from her time with her ex, haunt her.

When Drake can’t take it anymore, he doesn’t give Grace the chance to deny him. The problem is one time is not going to be enough. He wants her by his side, as his old lady, and he’ll stop at nothing until he gets her. Will Grace finally admit her feelings, or will Drake be left out in the cold?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.50