Jessica's Wolves

Wolf Masters, Book 3

Jessica is a wolf shifter. Due to a traumatic event from her childhood she has kept that fact well hidden. She hasn't even told her best friend, who mated two shifters in the previous book, Lyndsey's Wolves. She meets her own mates, Charles and Reece, but is reluctant to accept them. Charles is the brother of her friend Lyndsay's mate. She had always dreaded that day, because once a shifter scents his mate....the chase is on. The problem is that Charles and Reece brought a woman home with them. And trouble comes calling fairly quickly. Which woman will they end up mated to? You'll have to read the book for yourself to find that out.

My thoughts: I hate to say it, but this story had the same plot as Lyndsey's Wolves. And while Jessica's past was truly heartbreaking, I still wanted more emotion. I felt the story should have had more angst. You know I love my angst and heartbreak. That could have been remedied with more conflict concerning the "other" woman. Why did it have to be a given that Charles and Reece would choose Jessica? Why yes....we all knew that in the end there would be no other choice. But the guys could have at least wavered in the other girl’s direction. A little competition goes a long way in adding tension to the story.

I'm a sucker for a good shifter story, but this one fell a little short for me. I enjoyed it anyway and it won't stop me from giving this author another try. Her books have been consistently good for me in the past and I don't expect that to change. I'd simply suggest that she change it up and add more emotion next time. That's all she needs to have me hooked.

I'd suggest this one as a light paranormal read.

Book Blurb for Jessica's Wolves

A traumatic childhood has left Jessica Murphy in complete denial of her true self. When two wolves waltz into her life intent on claiming her, she has the urge to skip town. Accepting Reese and Charles as her mates won’t be an easy task. First she must confront her past…

Jessica Murphy has been living a lie. A childhood trauma has caused her to deny her true self, and she has no intention of ever revealing who she really is. As a first-year teacher making her way in life, the last thing she expects or desires is for two hunky men to walk into her school and insist she is their mate.

Charles Masters has been sowing his wild oats in Texas with his best friend, Reese Becker. When the two return home to Oregon for the holidays, they arrive with a young woman in tow who carries her own bundle of secrets. Caught between two females, Reese and Charles must juggle the woman they are destined to claim and the promises they've made to the desperate younger female wolf.

A complex web of secrecy and denial unfolds as Jessica accepts her mates … and herself. Will the mysterious past uniting Jessica to her new extended family prove to be more than she is willing to handle?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50