Highlander Brawn

The sequel to Highland Steam.

This is a charming little sequel to Highland Steam. That old phrase, "Famous Last Words", takes on a new meaning when a Highland Laird is caught in the marriage trap with a Highland hellion from an enemy clan.

Sorcha is more comfortable with a knife, or sword, in her hand than with a man in her bed. But that was before the wild lass was caught in a compromising position with a Laird from a rival clan. Her wily brother forces a marriage to Reed Campbell, but Sorcha vows that no man will tame her. Such were her famous last words.

Laird Reed Campbell will not jeopardize the alliance he has worked to form with the Comyn clan. Not even for his own freedom. Aye, he will wed the Comyn's fiery spitfire sister. She may have trapped him but he will never bed a vixen who stoops to such wicked trickery. Those famous last words again.

How could any red-blooded Scot resist a willing woman in his bed? And despite her best intentions Sorcha is powerless against her husband’s seduction. They set the bed-sheets on fire. Soon their sensual nights give way to deeper feelings for each other, but there are enemies in their midst. This story is not without intrigue and the author does a good job of making the story and the characters credible for such a short novella.

Now, here are my famous last words: It's not about the size of the story; it's about how well it's done. And this will not be my last story from Eliza Knight. Who knows what wonders she may work given a longer tale to tell. I'll be sure to check out the rest of her stuff. Who knows what other priceless gems are waiting for me to discover.

Book Blurb for Highlander Brawn

Sorcha never thought she’d be married, let alone to Reed Campbell, leader of a rival clan. But when her brother and Campbell form a truce—and she finds herself kissing Campbell in her bedchamber—her brother insists on a marriage. And Campbell insists on having Sorcha in his bed. Though she vowed never to fall in love, she can’t resist his strong arms and hot kisses—or the way he spanks her when provoked. And oh, she provokes him. As much and as often as possible.

Campbell has never cared for weak women. Is it any wonder his desire for the sword-wielding, knife-throwing Sorcha consumes him so completely? The lass may say she doesn’t like him, but the way she writhes and moans beneath him proves otherwise. He’s determined to have her in every way—and in every position—it’s possible to have a woman. But first he needs to win her fierce, feisty heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00