Cougar Heat

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Marisa Chenery gets this new series off to a great start with Cougar Heat. Let me say that I have been intrigued by the enigmatic Taylor since he came to life in Ice Claimed, book #5 of the Werewolf Sentinels series. I have eagerly awaited this sexy cougar shifter's story for a while now. I have to say that Marisa Chenery did a great job on this book and that I enjoyed it very much.

In the book we find out some surprising things about Taylor's past life. He had been banished from his clan for breaking the laws of their kind. It seems that the cougars are much different than the wolves in a lot of ways. They keep their existence a secret from others, never mixing with humans or wolves. Taylor had risked exposure by protecting a human friend and fighting to the death with a werewolf. This explained so much about his initial distrust of the wolf brothers.

So Taylor was banished by his own father. His father is dying and summons Taylor home to take his place as the Cougar Alpha. Refusing is not an option. So Taylor reluctantly returns home, though his bitterness is crystal clear.

Chenery is going in a totally different direction with this cougar series. The differences in their world and the wolves is very evident in the mating ritual. Unlike the wolves, there is no instant recognition of their cougar mates. Instead the male cougars wear a mystical cougar head pendant around their neck. This pendant will alert the male to his mate, only in its own good time. Hmm.... you know, I am thinking that I like this unique idea. Actually I thought that it was symbolic that Taylor put the pendant back on as he headed back to his old life. I also like how Chenery writes so many shifter series and she always makes each one unique and ever changing. I see that coming with this series.

Fate will have her way. Taylor has a chance meeting with Aspen at a truck stop diner while on his way back to his home in Anchorage. Aspen is in a bad spot, so since she is heading to the same town, Taylor suggests that she ride along with him. Aha ... Just so you know, there was a lot of sizzling chemistry going on between these two. They are playing it cool, but it doesn't take long before they give in to passion and make love. After one steamy night together they are overwhelmed and find it hard to say goodbye. They both know that one time won't do it for them. So they plan to see each other again. Meanwhile the pendant keeps calling to Aspen. Hmmm.....

Things are tense as Taylor returns to his old life. It is obvious that he is still bitter and feels betrayed. There were a few intense moments with his father. Then an ambitious female cougar causes a few problems for Taylor as well. The turmoil increases as things keep getting in the way of his relationship with Aspen. However, the pendant keeps working its magic and Taylor cannot stay away from Aspen. After one hot and heavy love scene Taylor is stunned to realize that Aspen is his true mate. The pendant has spoken and he could not be happier with his chosen woman. He plans to gently ease her into his world. Unfortunately, his plans go awry in a shocking way.

I had high hopes for this book. I enjoyed it. I loved Taylor. I liked that Aspen accepted him into her life without so much melodrama. However, I felt let down because I had anticipated more conflict and drama about Taylor mating with a human. After all, we are led to believe that it is taboo for cougars to mate with a human. So where was the turmoil in the aftermath of their mating? The story just ended too abruptly for my satisfaction. Still, I have faith that we haven't seen the last of Taylor and Aspen, hopefully they will be around in the next book. Which I cannot wait to read, by the way.

So I liked the book. I found it entertaining, and I loved the characters. I enjoyed the ride this story took me on. I would recommend this book to those looking for a book that is light and fun to read.

Book Blurb for Cougar Heat

After four years of banishment from his cougar shifter family group, Taylor finds himself called home to take his rightful place. On the trip to Anchorage, he runs into some unexpected trouble—trouble with long legs and a body to die for. Suddenly the long drive doesn’t seem so bad.

Abandoned at a truck stop diner by her now ex-friend, Aspen seeks the help of an unwitting hottie when a trucker makes unwanted advances. Good thing the hunk is willing to act as her boyfriend. And to plant a panty-melting kiss on her lips to drive the point home. As things heat between them, she’s determined to see how far they can take it.

Having taken on the responsibility of heir apparent, Taylor settles into his family group. Though dating a human is frowned upon, Taylor refuses to lose Aspen. The pleasure he finds in her arms isn’t something he’s willing to turn his back on.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50