Seducing Skye

Dragon Warriors Book 4

Seducing Skye is another winner from this author. It gets 4.5 stars! It's awesome!

Skye's traumatic experience with a crocodile make her ill prepared to face dragon shifters in dragon form. Her life is about to change drastically. Will she ever get over her phobia of scales? Read and discover the benefits of having mates. No wonder Skye's happy at last.

Awesome is the word that comes to mind when thinking about this series! Seducing Skye is the fourth in the series but it can be read standalone. Like the prior books this quick story rocked! I'm hooked on the authors’ unique style of writing and consistently great writing skills. The story was compelling and I couldn't put it down. Readers expect to be amazed with this spicy and action packed romance. Skye, Calix, Owen, and Axel make a rather spicy combination. Read and look forward to their well-deserved HEA.

Book Blurb for Seducing Skye

Only three of Skye’s four friends have woken up after they were transported through a portal to the Land of Feury, leaving the traumatized Carina still unconscious. Skye vows to not leave Carina’s side until she has recovered … no matter how irresistible her three sexy guards are.

Dragon Warriors, Calix, Owen, and Axel are excited to discover one of the five human females the Great Wind delivered to their land is their Desired, their one and only destined love. Their only problem is getting her alone long enough to seduce her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50